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One of the very first tasks you’ll cross off of your wedding to-do list is setting a date for your big day. However, given that there are 365 days in a calendar year, landing on one single date requires a bit of thought and effort, and an assessment of several determining factors such as venue and vendor availability, the weather, and personal schedules. That said, there are a few months many soon-to-be-weds repeatedly choose for their nuptials no matter the external circumstances. Otherwise known as wedding season, this portion of the year falls between May to October and is when a majority of couples typically designate as their time to say “I do.”

Why are these months so popular? Well, they’re known to have temperate weather, stunning scenery, and longer days, among many other perks. But even with a slew of pros, there are some cons that come with getting married during this particular season. For instance, since many people flock to these dates for their big day, demand for locations and wedding professionals is higher, which can result in couples having trouble booking their favorite options. Plus, with more competition, prices tend to be more expensive. 

Meet the Expert

  • Lea Stafford is the owner of Lea Stafford Events, a wedding and event planning and design company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
  • Natalie Pinney is the co-founder and lead planner of Whim Events, a luxury wedding and event planning company that orchestrates affairs in New England and other destinations.
  • Sunna Yassin is the owner of Bash Please, a wedding and event production, styling, and design company that serves San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other destinations around the world.

Nonetheless, regardless of the pros and cons, we thought it might be helpful to unpack the most popular wedding months to consider for your union. Based on statistics from The Wedding Report and insights from industry professionals, here’s everything you need to know about these sought-after time periods.


According to statistics from The Wedding Report, 14.9 percent of all weddings in 2022 took place in October—that’s nearly three in 20 nuptials! This is likely due to the fact that a celebration during this month comes with the most picturesque setting, as this time of the year offers a breathtaking backdrop filled with colorful leaves (according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, foliage in New England, the Pacific Northwest, and the Blue Ridge Mountains is at or near its peak by mid-October). The scenic background leads to gorgeous décor options that channel the look and feel of the season, such as color palettes with jewel tones, tables covered in velvet linens, and centerpieces composed of golden leaves. Not to mention, couples can have fun creating an autumnal menu infused with flavors like apple, pumpkin, and maple.

Another draw is the weather: During this time of the year, most regions experience cooler temperatures. In Northern states, the chilly forecast brings a cozy feel to any affair, but in Southern states, it creates the perfect conditions for an outdoor event. Plus, planner Lea Stafford of Lea Stafford Events adds that there is less competition for venues, which means the chances of securing your dream locale are higher.


September comes at a close second, with 13.6 percent of nuptials in 2022 happening during this month. With balmy temperatures and prolific flora and fauna to work with, there’s no wonder why this time of the year is a favorable choice for to-be-weds. Since September marks the transition from summer to fall, it brings a newfound excitement that comes with the change of seasons. 

There is also plenty of leeway in terms of your aesthetic: Depending on where and when you throw down, you could execute an autumnal affair or an end-of-summer bash. In New England, for instance, planner Natalie Pinney of Whim Events explains, “The weather is still beach-worthy but a little milder, yet guests are looking to soak in every last drop of sunshine.” This gives way to sunny outdoor ceremonies and tented receptions. As we get closer to daylight savings, the sun starts to set earlier in September, so this month casts a warm glow over any evening, perfect for sunset photos and romantic dining.


At 12.5 percent of 2022 weddings, June is the third most popular month to say “I do.” This time of the year kicks off the summer season, bringing with it longer days, warmer weather, more vivacious scenery, and more flexibility for travel. Since the sun sets later in the evening, Stafford notes that you’ll have ample sunlight for photos. And with milder temperatures and less humid conditions as opposed to later in the season, June weddings are ideal for outdoor festivities. Not only is the surrounding landscape in full bloom, but there are also many seasonal flowers available to use for your décor. Since most people don’t book big vacations until later in the summer, Pinney says more of your friends and family—both local and from out of town—will be able to attend.


May weddings are a fourth favorite with couples. According to The Wedding Report, 10.9 percent of weddings happened in May 2022. Spring is a favorable time of the year to get hitched, but in comparison to chilly March and rainy April, May provides temperate weather and blooming flowers, such as peonies, lily of the valley, orchids, and tulips, making it a top pick. According to Stafford, getting married in May brings good fortune to couples since it’s associated with growth and renewal. Besides the beautiful setting and auspicious benefits, May arrives just before the summer wedding craze, so hotels, venues, and airfare are more affordable in comparison, planner Sunna Yassin of Bash Please says.


The fifth most in-demand month to get married, according to The Wedding Report, is July, which saw 9.6 percent of weddings happen in 2022. Like June, this time of the year welcomes beautiful lighting for photo ops, in-season blossoms for decorations, and fresh produce for food and drink. However, July isn’t on par with June because the weather tends to be a bit hotter in most areas, which poses challenges for backyard fêtes, garden bashes, and other outdoor affairs. On that note, the forecast offers affordability in some regions: For instance, Yassin says July nuptials in Palm Springs often come with a price reduction. 


The third summer month, August, is the sixth most popular wedding month, hitting the charts at 9 percent. August still provides all of the benefits of June and July, such as later sunsets, prolific settings, al fresco dining, and more room in guests’ schedules to travel. However, it falls just below its summer counterparts since this time of the year kicks off the beginning of hurricane season on the East Coast, so selecting a wedding date in August comes with some risks. August does have many perks, though: Couples who plan a wedding during this month often want to celebrate the last hurrah of summer, and there are plenty of options for venues. “Weddings in August are popular for those who love a natural setting in the heart of summer—a coastal or beach destination, lush gardens, a working vineyard, or a family farm,” Pinney says. 

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