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After a hiatus since the release of Season 2, fans of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 3, which has commenced filming. Based on Jenny Han’s beloved YA novel trilogy, the series has garnered a devoted following since its debut in 2022, impressing viewers with themes like first love, loss, and family dynamics against the backdrop of Cousins’ idyllic summers.

High Stakes and Heartbreak

With the central characters—Belly, Steven, Conrad, and Jeremiah—navigating the complexities of adolescence and romance, the show has left audiences emotionally invested in their fates. From the heart-wrenching love triangle to the bittersweet moments of growing up, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has resonated with viewers on a deeply personal level.

Fan Expectations for Season 3

As filming for Season 3 progresses, fans are buzzing with speculation about what lies ahead for the characters they have grown to love. As per a report by the entertainment platform Movieweb, here are some of the key elements fans are hoping to see in the upcoming season:

1. The Rise of Team Conrad

With the love triangle between Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad reaching a significant moment in Season 2, fans are eager to see how the dynamics will evolve in Season 3. The prospect of a resurgence in Team Conrad’s popularity has sparked excitement among viewers who hope to see Conrad emerge as a contender for Belly’s affections.

2. An Entertaining Love Triangle

While the show may diverge from the source material, fans anticipate that unresolved tensions and lingering feelings will add depth to the love triangle subplot. Whether it’s the fall of Team Jeremiah or the resurgence of Team Conrad, viewers are eager to see how the characters’ relationships unfold.

3. A Wedding

As the series approaches its conclusion, fans speculate about wedding bells ringing for Belly and her chosen suitor. With the possibility of Jeremiah’s proposal looming over the characters, viewers are eager to see how this pivotal moment will shape the outcome of the series.

4. Susanna Flashbacks

The presence of Susannah, Conrad and Jeremiah’s mother, remains an important aspect of the series. Fans hope to see her character continue to influence the narrative through flashbacks, providing insight into the characters’ past and guiding them towards reconciliation.

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5. A Much-Needed Crutch

As the characters grapple with strained relationships and unresolved conflicts, Susannah’s influence could serve as a guiding force, helping them find their way back to each other. Her legacy as a source of strength and stability continues to resonate with viewers.


Will there be a 3rd season of The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Following two suspense-filled seasons, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is set to return for a third and final outing. Author Jenny Han announced the news in August 2023, much to the delight of fans, revealing that the latest installment will be even longer than the first two.

Who does Belly end up with in book 3?

The series concludes with Belly marrying Conrad, embarking on a new journey together as a couple. Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher initially portrays the “golden” boy archetype, seemingly untainted in the eyes of others. He serves as a supportive friend to Belly and a caring brother to Conrad.

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