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A guest at a Mexico wedding reception revealed the gender-based four-course menus that left more than 100 invitees terribly ill, with 80 people being admitted to hospital. 

Aranza Rodríguez attended the ceremony Saturday night in the central city of Cuernavaca and was rushed to a Red Cross hospital where she was treated for bacterial infection. 

Rodríguez told Mexican newspaper Proceso that she was a guest of the groom, Fernando, whose wedding party started around 4pm with dinner set to be served at 6pm. 

She recalled arriving to wedding venue between 8pm and 9pm and noticing that many of the guests were experiencing ‘aggravated symptoms’ that included headaches, stomach pain, vomit and diarrhea. 

Despite the unsettling scene, Rodríguez placed her meal order and dined at about 10pm as ambulances started to arrive. 

A total of 80 wedding guests were rushed to area hospitals in the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca following Saturday's wedding in which more than 100 people fell sick from eating food provided by a hired caterer

A man holds a napkin over his head after he fell sick at a wedding in Mexico on Saturday from contaminated food

The sick wedding guests were provided IV treatment and medicine at the hospitals and were discharged within four to five hours after they were admitted

Rodríguez recalled being served wild mushrooms with goat cheese and tomato coulis as the appetizer. 

For her main course dish , she was served chicken breast stuffed with spinach, tarragon and sweet potato puree as well as winter asparagus. She remembered male guests being served an unknown meat with a cream for the main course.

While she is not sure which of the meals made her sick, she remembers the wild mushrooms had the aftertaste of a ‘very strong chemical’. She remembers the same smell after she was sick. 

Footage on social media showed the frantic moment paramedics, staff and healthy attendees provided assistance to sick guests. 

On one video, at least two women were hunched on a chair, appearing as if they had vomited. 

Another video showed multiple guest lying on hospital beds and receiving IV treatment. 

The wedding menu shared by Aranza Rodríguez showed that the appetizer featured wild mushroom with goat cheese and tomato coulis as well as  beet carpaccio with mango, pico de gallo, among other items

At least 80 wedding guests were rushed to area hospitals in the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca after falling ill from food

A woman was seen lying in a hospital bed after she fell ill from attending the wedding

An image of  the menu revealed guests were served an appetizer featuring wild mushroom with goat cheese and tomato coulis as well as beet carpaccio with mango, pico de gallo. 

The entrée included sun dried tomato cream and crispy goat cheese with chives and a pistachio and pear dry cream. The main course option were chicken breast stuffed with spinach, tarragon, sweet potato puree and winter asparagus. 

The second choice was a beef fillet breaded with whiskey and almond sauce, vegetable skewer and a bed of potatoes. 

For dessert, friends of the couple were served apple rosette with supreme lime, blossom ice cream, chocolate and walnut cheesecake melon or milk flower chemise 

A viral TikTok video showed a paramedic standing next to wedding invitee who was hunched over a chair while a person desperately used folded paper as a fan to help cool them down. 

Nearby sat another woman who appeared visibly ill while a man comforted her.

Worried guests could also be seen wandering around the entrance area checking on some of the other sick invitees. 

Others stood next to an ambulance as a paramedic spoke with a man who was trying to step inside the vehicle. 

A wedding guest is visibly ill after she was among 100 people who fell sick after they ate food at a wedding party in the central Mexico municipality of Cuernavaca on Saturday

Paramedics tend to wedding guests who had food poisoning

Rodríguez said that she had to carried away and wasn’t aware how she made it to one of the several hospitals, where 80 people were treated and released within four to five hours. 

She was prescribed an intravenous liquid and medicine to treat the bacterial infection. 

She added that Fernando and the bride, Paola, have provided assistance to the sickened guests. 

Grupo Paraíso, which was hired to cater the wedding, has not responded to a request for comment from DailyMail.com. 

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