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One of the comic book social events of the year happened last weekend in Los Angeles, the wedding of Rob Levin and Andrea Shea.

Article Summary

  • Rob Levin and Andrea Shea celebrated their wedding with comics’ elites.
  • They announced their engagement on Twitter after a secretive 5-year romance.
  • Levin’s career spans AWA, DJ2, Valiant, and more; Shea’s rooted in DC Comics.
  • Their amusing love story unfolded from covert texts to inevitable matrimony.

One of the comic book social events of the year happened last weekend, the wedding of Rob Levin and Andrea Shea. While the wedding itself was a small, private ceremony, they held an evening party reception for, basically, all of comics, at Joyce Hall in Los Angeles. They met, working in editorial at DC Comics six years ago, but did their best to keep it quiet. Ish.

The Wedding Of Comic Book Editors Rob Levin And Andrea Shea
The wedding of Batman and Catwoman. Not Rob Levin and Andrea Shea.

Rob Levin and Andrea Shea got engaged last year, the first time they posted online that they had been dating, since 2018. Andrea Shea posted to X, “5 years ago, on our second date, I told @roblevin that I’d prefer to keep our burgeoning relationship SUPER private. “Sure,” he said immediately. “For how long? Like, at what point would you feel comfortable posting a picture to social media?” “…When we get engaged, probably? So anyway, we’re engaged and it rules and I love him the most and basically everyone knows at this point but it doesn’t count until it’s on the internet so congrats babe we’re finally official!!! Rob proposed to me on our anniversary so I wouldn’t have to memorize a second Important Date because he is perfect. As thanks, I’m posting these fun cat pictures and NOT the pic I have of him at 19 standing next to a 4 foot replica of what I call his “tiny girlfriend witchblade.”

Rob Levin replied “I cannot express how exciting it is to have the best five years of my life become the rest of my life. @whatthe_shea is the best person I’ve ever known and I’m so happy and grateful that she loves (and tolerates) me.” The Wedding Of Comic Book Editors Rob Levin And Andrea SheaAnd Tom Taylor replied “WOOOOOOO!!! Congrats, wonderful people! Rob, remember meeting in the DC greenroom over a decade ago, and both of us hoping our upcoming meetings would lead to an opportunity? It all turned out pretty good.”

On their wedding website they recall “Tried to gaslight most of our work friends into thinking we weren’t dating! Ended up telling them all anyway because Andrea’s bad at keeping secrets! Moved two cats to the San Fernando Valley against their will! Spent the eve of Andrea’s 28th birthday in the ER after Rob sliced his finger open making a children’s food! Officially Reported Our Relationship to HR! Navigated the stormy waters of corporate upheaval across literally all creative industries! Brought Andrea’s total movies watched count from 9 to a solid 21, probably (maybe?)! Invented 92839472365 new nicknames for Rob, and 3 for Andrea! Endured a nearly two-year standoff over who would propose! And, thanks in no small part to the brain-melting effects of a global pandemic, seem to have morphed into the same person with the same thoughts and the same bad jokes! And we also fell just absolutely, utterly, simply-cannot-envision-what-my-life-would-even-look-like-without-you-in-it-god-what-a-nightmare-to-even-imagine in love with each other. So, as we said–inevitable.”

This week, Andrea Shea posted to Bsky a few wedding photos, saying “crushed it.” with congratulations from across comics. Rob Levin replied“Marrying your favorite person rules. 10/10, would recommend.” Congrats to both from all at Bleeding Cool!

Andrea Shea has been at DC Comics for almost nine years, starting as an Executive Assistant in 2015, before becoming an Assistant Editor in 2017, Associate Editor in 2019 and Editor in 2021. Previously, she was an Assistant Editor at Aspen Comics and interned at Sander/Moses Productions. While Rob Levin worked as a consultant for AWA Studios from 2022 until earlier this year. He was an Associate Producer at DJ2 Entertainment working on the upcoming DC Heroes United interactive video game, Valiant Executive Editor from 2021 to 2022, Executive Editor at Humanoids from 2019 to 2021, Associate Editor at DC Comics from 2016 to 2019, Editor/Community Manager at CBR from 2010 to 2016, as well as an Editor at Radical Publishing, Archaia and before that Vice President – Editorial at Top Cow.

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