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WEDDING season is almost here, with many attendees already on the hunt for the perfect dress.

Whilst most of us wouldn’t want to upstage the bride, one woman decided to off-white to her best friend’s wedding and it has broken the internet.


Many questioned why the woman’s best firend would do this to her on her wedding dayCredit: Getty
Redditors claimed the couple looked like a 'throuple' in the photo


Redditors claimed the couple looked like a ‘throuple’ in the photoCredit: Reddit

Unsurprising, a photo showing the fashion faux pas has gone viral online.  

Originally uploaded to the r/weddingshaming subreddit, it shows the anonymous woman dressed in a bodycon cream-coloured gown – with the bride less than a meter away.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the guest’s gown had glittering golden embellishments which flowed down her dress and immediately drew the eye.

Meanwhile, the bride is in a muted white dress, with minimal accessories, lace accents and a bouquet of lilies that blend into the rest of the dress.

Shared by an irate Reddit user, they explained that the two women had been best friends and moaned that they looked like they were in a ‘throuple’ when stood beside the groom.

“They look like a throuple who just got married. (Spoiler: They aren’t),” the original poster complained, as the thread rapidly went viral.

Continuing in the caption, they wrote: “I only noticed who the bride is thanks to the bouquet.  They are ‘besties’ and the girl in the right IS NOT the bride.”

After seeing the shocking picture, one Redditor argued the guest and her outfit had some serious ‘pick me’ energy.

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“It screams, look at me, look at me, I am the main character in this wedding,” they pointedly wrote, with others agreeing.

“’He should have married ME! Then we could be besties forever!’ Is what it is giving,” argued another in the forum.

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Others admitted that they’d made the same mistake as the original uploader thinking that the bride was the woman on the left dressed in gold and cream.

“It doesn’t help that the bride’s gown is so ill-fitting and honestly a bit drab compared to the other two,” they argued, adding: “It looks more like a casual afternoon wedding dress than a formal gown.

“If you’re a bride that’s going to let your wedding party wear white and gold, you better make sure your gown is perfect.”

Some blamed the guest for the choice of gown and questioned why she would wear it if the bride was a close friend.

If that wasn’t bad enough, many in the forum pointed out that the anonymous woman was clinging on to the groom’s arm.

Though you’d had to be pretty eagled-eyed to notice it, it is hardly surprising that the group were unimpressed by the best friend’s body language.

A fourth complained: “She’s even holding the groom! I sense a pending divorce soon…”

“You can tell the bride is mad by the death grip on her bouquet,” joked another member, claiming: “The white knuckles are really telling.”

However, there were some in the group that suggested the bride hadn’t been upstaged on her big day.

One pointedly stated: “I don’t really think she upstages her at all. She’s a bride. She could be wearing a white bin bag and she’d still be the centre of attention.

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“What matters is she likes her dress and she feels comfortable in it. Not everything has to be super glitz and glam.”

Though they have a point, we can’t help but wonder how we’d react in this situation.

Some users were also annoyed that the woman clung on to the groom's arm


Some users were also annoyed that the woman clung on to the groom’s armCredit: Getty – Contributor
Others claimed that the woman over shone the bride on her big day


Others claimed that the woman over shone the bride on her big dayCredit: Alamy

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