This Man Refused To Let His Daughter Wear Her Late Mother’s Wedding Dress. Now, His Family Think He’s A Jerk – BuzzFeed

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However, users like u/yuiopouu completely disagreed and felt that the dress represents the daughter’s late mother being with her on her wedding day and that should be prioritized.

“As a mom, I can’t imagine prioritizing an intact dress on my deathbed over the potential joy my daughter would get from wearing it. I’m actually planning my wedding and I love the dress I’m going to get. If I am still alive when my daughter gets married, I’d prefer for it not to be altered beyond recognition, but if she wanted to wear it and needed it altered to fit her, I’d be honored. If I’m not alive, the thought of not being present on an important day is heartbreaking to me and if she can alter the dress to make it fit, I would want that. I’m sorry but you’re the asshole here, as I don’t think you’re really considering the fact that your daughter doesn’t have a mother to shop with or be at her wedding. The dress represents that for her.”

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