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Your wedding can be one of the most important days of your life, and if you already have a child, it’s natural that a bride or groom might want the kid to be involved. Tiktoker Falzzzy chose to have her daughter in her wedding photos, but when Falzzzy got the pictures back, she was in for a surprise.

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In her TikTok post, Falzzzy doesn’t specify how old her daughter was when the pictures were taken, but the young girl seems around 3 or 4 years old. Falzzy also calls her daughter a “sweet little girl” and adds that she doesn’t have “any issues with her” before she makes the big reveal.

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According to Falzzzy, her daughter flipped the bird with an expression on her face that comments described as “savage” in every single wedding photo taken on Falzzzy’s big day, and no one noticed. Falzzzy seemed amused by the pictures and even somewhat proud of her daughter’s spunky personality.

The sentiment was echoed in comments on Falzzzy’s post. “Honestly, foster that attitude. The world needs more feral little girls in it! 😂🫶🏻,” one person wrote. “welp I’d be screenprinting this on every birthday cake until she got married and then I’d flip the bird in her wedding pic at least once 😂,” another added.

Some comments, however, wondered why the wedding photographer — who, after all, was paid to get pictures of the big day — didn’t notice the little girl’s extended middle finger. “Our son has autism so I asked her to please make sure that we work on getting good shots of him too,” Falzzzy explained in the comments.

Not all was lost on the wedding photos, according to Falzzzy: the wedding photographer edited out the middle finger in the finished product. “Guys of course she edited it out she sent me these before I got the photos she was the best photographer!💕” Falzzzy said.

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