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ANGOLA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Kathy and Dale Alguire are celebrating 70 years of marriage and looking back at all the memories. They’ve been on countless trips with their four kids and have celebrated a lot of birthdays and anniversaries.

Kathy and Dale met when they were in 8th grade. They were in a play together. Kathy recalls, “I just liked him. He was good-looking.” Dale felt the same way, “She was the best-looking one in the class.”

Dale says he never proposed, they just assumed they were going to get married. They both say they knew they only wanted to be with each other.

Together they raised four kids at their house that Dale built in Angola. Dale remembers when he decided he was going to build them a new house.

“I come home one day and I said I’m going to build a house over here so that’s where we started. Then I built one across the street for my son,” Dale says.

It hasn’t always been easy, but one of the toughest moments came recently.

Back in June, doctors told them Dale had cancer and he had 3 to 6 months to live. Kathy says she cried a lot and they started getting rid of a lot of things.

But months later, doctors had a positive update.

“We had some more tests done and they can’t find the cancer now,” says Kathy. “It’s been 9 months. We don’t know what happened, a lot of prayer probably.”

So this year they are not only celebrating 70 years of marriage, they are celebrating a good report from the doctor and hoping for many more years together.

“Seems like a lot of time but like I said time goes by so fast though, people don’t realize it,” says Dale.

Dale says after doctors told him he had cancer he told his family he just wanted to make it to his 70th wedding anniversary. Now, he and his family, which includes four kids, eight grandkids and 11 great-grandchildren are more thankful than ever.

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