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Sister-in-law Nancy’s 62nd birthday was April 23. Brother Amos passed away suddenly six years ago, leaving Nancy a widow. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Nancy!

Last Friday evening, Joe and I attended the school program at granddaughter Kaitlyn’s school. It was their last day of school for the season. I think there are 30 students in her school. Two of the students received their eighth-grade diplomas and are now done with their school years. They sang quite a few songs for us, and then we were served a haystack supper afterward.

A haystack is layers of a variety of vegetables, toppings and hamburger with taco seasoning. The teachers did a great job getting these children to harmonize with the singing. Kaitlyn loves to sing at home, and her siblings pick up on it and sing too. So precious!

Ervin, Susan and their six children came here after the program; I made popcorn, and we played games. Joe and I were the only ones home at the time, so we were happy to see them come over.

On Thursday evening, we plan to attend the wedding supper for Norman and Katie Ann. We wish them a happy married life together with God in control. Son Joseph and his special friend Grace are evening servers at the wedding.

Katie Ann is a niece of daughter Elizabeth and Tim, so Elizabeth is cook at the wedding. Today, Elizabeth will leave Allison and Andrea here while she goes to help with wedding preparations.

I know we will have a few busy months ahead here to prepare for daughter Lovina and Daniel’s wedding. This is the first of our girls getting married in the springtime. Everyone is out mowing and tilling gardens. I love this time of year! We haven’t planted more in the garden yet. We have a few cold nights forecasted for this week, so we will wait until next week.

Chilly days not done yet

It was getting chilly in the house with no heat, so Joe started the coal stove again last night. Now I need to open a few windows because it’s too warm in here, which feels better than being cold. I told Joe that I have a hard time sewing when the house is chilly.

Daughter Loretta and her sons Denzel and Byron came here this morning, so I’m glad it was warm for the little boys. Denzel couldn’t go to sleep until Grandpa Joe left for work. He sat at the table with Joe and ate breakfast with him. He looks like he feels so good sitting beside Joe in the early morning hours while eating breakfast.

Sunday, we had Fast and Prayer Day in preparation for communion services that we will have next Sunday, Lord willing. I made mashed potatoes, beef and noodles, and taco salad and cheese for our lunch. Daughter Loretta and Dustin and sons joined us for lunch. They brought baked beans along.

For supper in the evening, Dustin brought chicken and pork loin, which the men grilled while we made mashed potatoes, beef and noodles (that was left from lunch), baked beans (leftover from lunch), and taco salad and cheese. Daughter Elizabeth, Tim, and their four children joined us for supper, and she brought apple pie. We had ice cream with the pie and also an easy cake that daughter Lovina made. She combined a box of angel food cake mix with a can of lemon pie filling and baked it at 350 degrees for around 30–40 minutes or until the cake was browned and started to split.

It was a quick and very good cake. Next time, we will try strawberry or blueberry pie filling with it. It’s very simple and only requires two ingredients.

God’s blessings to all!

Buttercream Frosting

1 cup butter (room temperature)

4 cups powdered sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla

½ cup milk (or more if you want it thinner)

Beat butter, vanilla, and 1 cup of powdered sugar until smooth and creamy. Gradually add rest of powdered sugar and milk until thoroughly mixed. Makes about 5 cups.

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