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Tom Allen’s Big Gay Wedding viewers were left feeling emotional within minutes of the BBC One show kicking off on Wednesday evening (March 27). Tom, 40, is celebrating 10 years since same-sex marriage was legalised in England and Wales with a new show.

Big Gay Wedding marks a decade since the first wedding took place and Tom is pulling out all the stops to arrange the dreamiest ceremony for one gay couple. The comedian, presenter and writer wants to get into the fully fairy godmother mode to give couple Adam and Dan a night to remember.

At the beginning of the show, Tom visits Brighton to meet Adam and Dan to get a background on their relationship and help plan their wedding, but one groom-to-be has a sad story to tell. Around 20 years ago Adam was run over in a hit-and-run incident which completely changed his life.

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Adam and Dan plan to get married with the help of Tom Allen on BBC One’s Big Gay Wedding
(Image: BBC/Minnow Films)

It took Adam two years to recover as he suffered broken legs and ankles, all of his teeth got knocked out and he still has slight brain damage. But despite his horrific injuries, Adam considered himself lucky to be able to get married to his love Dan.

Viewers watching the show at home were left moved by their couples story and wasted no time in expressing their emotions.

Taking to X, one person wrote: “I’ve already had a blub at #biggaywedding with Tom Allen. This is just lovely.”

A second said: “Was just wiping away happy tears and then David Cameron appeared and now I’m too angry to cry xo #biggaywedding”. Another chimed in with: “This is totes emosh already #biggaywedding.”

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