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Actress Tommy Dorfman and partner Elise have revealed they got secretly wed. They enjoyed a small, private ceremony at a hotel last year in Los Angeles. 

Dorfman, 31, who has previously appeared in 13 Reasons Why, shared news of her wedding on Instagram. She also wrote about it for Vogue magazine. 

“I married my best friend and didn’t tell anyone except @hunterabrams who came and photographed us towards the end of last year,” Dorfman wrote in an Instagram post. 

“We bought our own dresses @doverstreetmarketnewyork where I used to work before acting, and it was perfect.

“A few weeks ago we decided to say let’s celebrate this our way, so we we something for @voguemagazine and @vogueweddings because we love each other and the world should know!!!! OK???!”

“And if you’re mean to her i’ll 🔪” Dorfman added. 


Vogue shared further images. It explained that following the private ceremony in Los Angeles, the couple wanted to pose in wedding dresses for a photographer in New York. They wanted to have something to share with friends and family.

“Congratulations are in order for @Tommy.Dorfman and her partner Elise—the couple are officially married!” confirmed the magazine.

“After a spontaneous wedding in Los Angeles last year, Dorfman and her new wife decided to mark their marriage in a more meaningful way when back home in Brooklyn. ‘We decided that, at some point down the line, we would just elope. Our love had formed and grown in a contained bubble, so why couldn’t our marriage be on the same terms?’ Dorfman writes exclusively for Vogue.”

Meeting on Hinge

Dorfman previously married Peter Zurkuhlen in 2016. In 2017, Dorfman came out as non-binary. In July 2021, she said she identified as a trans woman. She also revealed she and Zurkulen had amicably divorced.  

Writing for Vogue, Dorfman says that after her divorce in 2021, she was in no hurry to jump into another long-term relationship. She downloaded Hinge intending to explore her womanhood and dating. However, she was immediately taken by Elise’s profile and swiped right. 

The two were a match.

“The first few months of our relationship set the tone for how we would eventually get married. We got engaged two months into dating,” says Dorfman.

Dorfman says Elise values her privacy (she does not reveal her surname although some media outlets have done so).

“When I nonchalantly mentioned I was engaged on a podcast in the summer of 2022, it made an embarrassing amount of headlines, and so we decided as a couple to keep things private until we chose to invite others in,” Dorfman told Vogue.

Because of this, the couple decided to elope and have a quiet, small ceremony. Elise had no desire for a big wedding, and as Dorfman had already done that for her first marriage, she also didn’t feel the need. 

They tied the knot last fall following a discussion in Malibu. 

“I took to Google and actually learned there was a concierge service for this in Los Angeles (of course there was) and California was the only state that offered confidential marriage services, meaning our papers wouldn’t be in the public record and nobody would know we got married.”

The Vogue article shares a photo from the couple’s wedding day. Demonstrating how impromptu it all was, they didn’t even have the wedding dresses they’d already bought in NYC with them in California. They got hitched in the prettiest outfits they had with them at the time.

New York photos

Tommy and Elise followed this up a few weeks later by posing for a photographer friend, Hunter Abrams, for the more professional photos in New York, wearing the dresses they’d bought in Dover Street Market. 

Abrams began by taking informal pics of the couple getting themselves dressed at home.

“Once we were ready we all piled into our car and drove a few neighborhoods over where the trees were more lush, hopping out at various homes and stoops that complimented both our moods and our outfits. It was fun and perfectly executed,” recalls Dorfman. 

After receiving the photos, they decided they wanted to share them.

“While we won’t live our lives online in any way that isn’t well-protected, we do see the benefit of celebrating our love with the world—and, frankly, the importance of people seeing trans and queer love en vogue.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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