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He’s a driven entrepreneur, she’s a lawyer-turned-model. Together, Umar Kamani and Nada Kamani make quite the power pair, and after a three year engagement, the couple will be tying the knot this week.

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The dates have been set: With a lavish four-day celebration to be held between May 2 and May 5, Umar and Nada’s wedding will bring together not just close family and friends, but also noteworthy public figures — but the starry guest list is yet to be revealed. Below, Vogue Arabia chats with the couple of the moment on their journey together, from that fairytale proposal, to the wedding planning experience, and all that’s coming up in a week they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

The proposal

Not one to shy away from making a statement, Umar Kamani pulled out all the stops when he decided to propose to Nada Kamani in Monaco in August 2021. The business mogul invited Nada to a very special location, transforming it entirely for this milestone moment. “Where do I start?!” Nada exclaims when asked about the fateful day. “Umar took me to one of my very favorite buildings in the whole world, the Monte Carlo Opera House, which he’d booked out for the occasion. He’d had it filled with 10,000 white roses, dozens of candles, and an orchestra playing ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Then he got down on one knee, and there was only ever going to be one question. And one answer!”

The pictures from the proposal, as one would expect, were the stuff of romance dreams. Glowing in the light of countless candles, Nada was a vision in her white David Koma dress and sparkling princess cut engagement ring, while Umar perfectly complemented her formal look in a classic Tom Ford tuxedo. Post the proposal, Umar escorted his bride-to-be to a horse-drawn carriage, on which they headed over to an after-party with their closest friends.

Post the wedding, Nada also celebrated her approaching nuptials with a multi-day, Insta-worthy bachelorette bash in Paris, complete with personalized trinkets, gold balloons, ‘bride-to-be’ pillows, and a visit to Disneyland Paris.

The wedding planning

After every dreamy proposal comes the task of planning the big day. And for Umar Kamani and Nada Kamani, things were no different. To zero in on the location, the couple used an interesting — and effective — tactic. “We started by working backwards,” Nada explains. “There is a place more special to us than any other. It has defined many of the most wonderful moments in our relationship. It’s where Umar proposed, an event that cemented its place in our hearts. It is a place whose beauty in the late spring is unparalleled. That place is the Côte d’Azur. Picturing ourselves in this place we love, surrounded by the people we love, seemed completely natural and perfect. So the challenge was to work out the best way to realize that dream.”

Keeping that vision in mind, the two decided on Hotel Du Cap, which sits right by the French Riviera. “It’s not only one of the most timeless and elegant destinations in the world, it’s also home to a dazzling variety of different spaces. That makes it the perfect all-in-one venue for our kaleidoscopic, three-day wedding celebration. Each event takes place in a different but equally stunning part of the hotel’s grounds.”

The wedding celebrations

Given their different backgrounds, Nada and Umar wanted to ensure they bring influences and traditions from both their cultures into their once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Together, the couple built a three-day itinerary that would honor both their roots.

Day 1: A poolside welcome party

“On the first evening, we welcome our guests to a night under the stars. Our white-tie welcome party will take place by the poolside overlooking the Mediterranean and lit by a spectacular firework display. There will also be an Arabian twist, with henna artists to adorn our guests, and fire and belly dancers to set the jubilant mood for the weekend.”

Day 2: A dreamy white wedding with a surprise performance

“The second evening will see our traditional western nuptials at the Grand Allée, followed by an old-fashioned black-tie dinner. Things will get a little more relaxed and perhaps even wild at the afterparty, though, with special guest performances to wow our guests.” Come back soon to find out more about the star performer for the evening. 

Day 3: A vibrant Indian ceremony

“On the third evening, our wedding will come to a spectacular conclusion. Our full-scale Indian wedding ceremony will be a vibrant celebration involving dhol players, Bollywood dancers and all the spicy trimmings our guests expect.” 

The bridal wardrobe

Given her love for all things classic, it’s safe for one to assume that Nada Kamani may just say “I do” to Umar Kamani this weekend in a pristine ensemble that showcases her favorite color. “Nada and Umar use monochromatic palettes in their day to day lives,” revealed the couple’s wedding planners. “Every meeting, every Zoom call, they were dressed meticulously in white (or sometimes black). It felt appropriate that white was the primary color featured throughout their wedding.” Stay tuned for a peek at the bride’s look for the big day, soon to be revealed on Vogue.me. 

Sneak peek: Nada and Umar’s wedding planners share details from their big day

Founded in 1976, Banana Split has made a name for itself among the very best event planners in the industry. As we head closer to Umar and Nada’s big day, the BS team opens up about working with the couple, and everything that will make the duo’s weekend of love one to remember.

What was it like for you to work with Umar and Nada on their big day?
The chemistry between Umar and Nada is so brilliant, it made working with them such a joy. We always take the time to get to know our couples, so we feel like we understand where their vision stems from. It was evident early on that Umar and Nada’s love story was going to be reflected in every detail.

Selecting the ideal location was a pivotal part of the process. We explored various venues, considering not only Umar and Nada’s aesthetic preferences but also the logistical aspects to ensure everything flowed seamlessly on this multiple day event. The venue we ultimately chose provided a picturesque backdrop for their special moments while creating a flawless experience.

Throughout the planning process, Umar and Nada’s joy and excitement served as constant inspiration. Working alongside them was an incredibly rewarding experience, and seeing their happiness on the big day made our hard work worthwhile.

What’s the décor theme of the wedding?
We had a unique opportunity of creating two wedding days. Umar and Nada wanted to celebrate their western lifestyles alongside their own cultural heritages. Style wise, they liked the idea of a traditional white aesthetic that felt elegant and clean, so our design team interpreted this in two ways, a western style white wedding, and an Indian wedding.

What are the key elements you relied on to make Umar and Nada’s vision come to life?
Nada had a very specific vision, focusing on a monochrome color palette for a timeless aesthetic. For both wedding ceremonies we used an abundance of white roses, hydrangea, and gypsophila, while embracing the natural light and blue skies South of France has to offer. We wanted the white wedding to feel like a French chateau’s garden, using the sea as the backdrop.

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