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As Bachelor fans around the nation keep up with the Golden Bachelor, 7News is speaking with local photographers about the top DMV spots to tie the knot.

“I took the challenge, it’s been thirty-five years and I haven’t looked back,” said Calvin Hayes, wedding photographer.

Hayes has been shooting weddings in the DMV for decades. He’s captured thousands of weddings and engagements.

“I take pictures from the time that I meet them without a camera in my hand,” Hayes said. “You have all of the exclusive hotels, then you have country clubs and residences where the movers and shakers that work in Washington have exclusive enclaves.”

But, perhaps his favorite is nestled away in Montgomery County, Maryland at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville.

“Look at it, it is so picturesque – how could you miss?” Hayes asked.

On any given Saturday – Hayes said there could be hundreds of photographers shooting engagement photos.

“Look how beautiful this place is,” said Hayes. “Who would not want to take photos with a bridal party spread along this landscape, this is the place to be.”

Hayes said the key is making a connection.

“I approach this like a symphony, you see I am a large man and you would think I studied ballet because I am light on my feet,” said Hayes. “I am not overbearing and I am not intrusive and I want people to fall in love with this experience because that is what I am sharing because I am sharing this experience.”

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