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From hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour to a full meal (followed by a slice of cake) at the reception, food is usually an integral detail at many weddings—and it’s typically where duos spend a big chunk of their budget. But as most repeat guests can attest to, the menu isn’t always a hit. This is something an anonymous Reddit poster knew all too well; the user took to the subreddit, Wedding Shaming, to share their own experience and ask the community to weigh in on some of the worst food they’d ever eaten at a wedding. “When I was young, I went to a wedding that occurred over dinner time but all they served at the reception was cheese, crackers, and nuts,” the poster recalled. “I was starving by the end of it and several guests left early because they were hungry.”

After reading the poster’s story, others shared similar tales. Many commiserated with the anonymous individual, reflecting on the small quantities they were also served. One wedding guest was offered “a plate of lettuce” as the vegan option at her sister’s nuptials, but others attended affairs where the entire group received minuscule portions. In some instances, the couple didn’t order enough food to cover every person. One individual explained how the buffet ran out of food, and another person recapped a situation in which everyone was “fighting” over “cold” Chick-fil-A nuggets since there wasn’t enough for everyone.

Many former wedding guests also thought back on leaving the event still hungry because their meal lacked substance. Someone wrote that a reception they went to only served popcorn and ice cream, even though the event took place at dinner time. Another person revealed that the couple offered cupcakes, but no real nourishment. “We left early to go get McDonald’s,” they said.  

Others looked back on meals that lacked flavor. “The groom had a cardiac health scare 6mo before the wedding and the bride had the caterer switch to sugar free everything ‘to be heart healthy,’” one person noted. Another recalled eating boiled chicken without any seasonings. Someone else shared a scenario in which the two tacos each person received was “overcooked, dry, and flavorless,” according to the comment.

Some deemed certain foods the “worst” they’ve ever had due to the bizarre experience eating the dish or the strange effect it had on them. One Reddit user rehashed a situation in which guests drank green brunch, but “it turned your teeth and tongue green,” per the comment.  Someone else who commented on the post admitted that the couple served a wedding cake with Swarovski crystals inside. “We had to spit them out like seeds,” the person wrote. “Huge and expensive cake, most of it was left untouched.”

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