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The difference between pro golfers and weekend hacks isn’t just their ability to hit the golf ball. It’s also their ability to perform under pressure.

These guys are good, but they’re also good at being good with a lot on the line—and a lot of people watching. Put most normal golfers in the same spot, and they’d crumble more than a bag of mishandled Sun Chips. And yes, I’m talking from recent personal experience with that analogy. Sigh.

Anyway, a regular golfer named Ben found this out the hard way recently when he faced a short putt on his final hole. In front of a big—and rowdy—wedding. And the resulting miss produced worse heckling than you’d even see at a Ryder Cup or the 16th hole at the WM Phoenix Open.

That being said, the follow-up tap-in produced a roar as if Ben had just won the Masters. And he handled it well by playing up to the crowd. Have a look and listen:

Classic, indeed. Anyway, nice recovery, Ben. And that experience should only help the next time you find yourself facing a pressure-packed putt.

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