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The video is from a wedding in Muzaffarpur.

The footage captures a wedding ceremony where the stage unexpectedly collapses.

Amid the wedding season, a video from Muzaffarpur is attracting notice on social media. The footage captures a wedding ceremony where the stage unexpectedly collapses. This incident drew attention and several people even fell on the ground. However, in a surprising turn of events, the bride managed to save her groom from falling, averting a potential accident.

The video is rapidly circulating on social media, with claims suggesting it was filmed during a recent wedding in Pandit Pakdi village, Muzaffarpur, according to local villagers. Several individuals sustained minor injuries. This video has prompted discussions in the district and is being widely shared across social media platforms.

During the platform collapse, the bride acted responsibly, rescuing the groom from falling. Now, the video is gaining popularity on social media. However, the video remains to be verified for its authenticity.

According to villagers, a young man who was at the wedding recorded the video when the stage collapsed. The collapse happened because there were too many people on the stage, and some got minor injuries. This video has sparked discussion in the district, leading many to share it on social media.

Some time back, a funny video of a bride and groom varmala ceremony took the internet by storm. During the varmala ceremony, It’s common for the bride’s family to lift her playfully, teasing the groom as he attempts to place the garland on her. This light-hearted moment signifies the groom’s affection to win his bride’s heart. However, in a wedding ceremony circulating on X (previously Twitter), an unexpected incident occurred.

In the video, the bride had already put the flower garland on her soon-to-be husband’s. But when it came to the groom’s turn, the bride’s friends lifted her. Following this, the groom stepped onto the wedding throne and quickly jumped off. While successfully placing the garland around the bride’s neck, both the relatives and the bride lost their balance. Consequently, they all tumbled onto the stage. In the end, the bride burst into laughter while the groom stood proudly.

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