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The viral video amazed the internet.

A nutrition and wellness doctor is making headlines with her recent zero-waste wedding video, which is all about sustainability. While most weddings today are big and fancy, Dr Poorvi Bhat chose to do things differently by keeping waste to a minimum level. Instead of fancy decorations and lots of food, she used natural materials for her wedding. The wedding stage, usually covered in expensive fabrics and flowers, was made from sugarcane stems that later became food for cows. Guests did not use disposable plates and cutlery, rather, they ate off banana leaves and used metal utensils.

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The wedding venue was decorated with simple biodegradable items like mango leaves and coconut tree stems. Even the bridal garlands were made of cotton thread and flowers, no plastic involved. The water used by guests was also redirected to water the nearby trees. For return gifts, they picked reusable jute bags. 

In the caption, Poorvi mentioned that she was able to execute this “zero waste wedding” with cooperation from her family and thanked her “genius” mother for planning and organising the whole event. She wrote that her wedding did not generate any plastic. 

Watch the video here:

People online are praising the doctor for a wedding that was both beautiful and eco-friendly. 

A user wrote, “This is how Indian weddings were supposed to be culturally.”

Another called her an icon and wrote, “This is exactly how I want mine to be.”

In the comments section, there were appeals on efforts to normalise such eco-friendly weddings. 

“So beautiful and such a powerful message. More power to you, this is what cultural (or any) celebrations need to look like. Meaningful and mindful. Rituals to various devatas without honouring bhudevi have always seemed incomplete to me. Thank you for leading by example and hope many more see this and continue low-waste living and celebrations!” read another comment.

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What do you think of this zero-waste wedding? 

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