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Kristen Stewart recently revealed details about her engagement ring in an interview on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast with Amanda Hirsch. The Love Lies Bleeding actress disclosed that her fiancée, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, proposed to her with a vintage-inspired ring. A glimpse of the ring was captured in a selfie posted on Hirsch’s Instagram on Tuesday.

“This is embarrassing,” the Twilight alum, 33, said bashfully while talking about her rock. “It’s based on an old sketch, but it actually is new.” 

When Hirsch asked Stewart if she also got her partner a ring, the actress revealed that the pair have the “same one, but with a different stone in it.” 

Stewart also talked about where she and Hirsch are right now in their wedding planning. “We’re both really casual people, so we did this sweeping traditional thing where we were like, ‘Marry me,’ [and] ‘You marry me’ and then we just never like planned a wedding because we were like, we kind of [already] did it,” she admitted. “But we’ll do it. We have a very loose plan which is appropriate to us.”

Stewart also mentioned that she and Meyer will postpone their wedding till she completes directing her indie film, The Chronology of Water. This project, based on Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir, has been her focus for six years.


How did Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer meet? 

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer first met on a movie set in 2013, but it wasn’t until six years later, at a friend’s birthday party, that they reconnected and began their steamy romance. Meyer, the daughter of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Meyer, shares Stewart’s passion for the film industry. She’s a talented screenwriter and actress, having worked on various film and TV projects, including the screenplay for Amy Poehler’s Netflix film, Moxie. Meyer’s creativity and intelligence captivated Stewart, who described their meeting as a moment where “all bets were off.” Their shared love for Los Angeles and similar experiences growing up in the city further solidified their connection. Since then, Meyer has been an integral part of Stewart’s life, supporting her career endeavors and collaborating on creative projects together.

Kristen Stewart’s queer identity and career impact 

Stewart identifies within the LGBTQ+ community as a bisexual aligning herself with respected figures like Jodie Foster and the musical trio Boy Genius. She openly acknowledges her bisexuality, challenging stereotypes and advocating for acceptance. Despite concerns about industry biases, Kristen’s career remains successful, showcasing her talent and breaking down barriers. She seeks to redefine beauty standards through a hypersexualized butch photoshoot and promotes inclusive representation by directing a music video featuring a threesome kiss scene. Kristen’s bold embrace of her queer identity and dedication to LGBTQ+ representation make her a one-of-a-kind in the industry. 

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