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  • Sandra Lynn Henson, 57, was arrested on September 30 at a wedding ceremony taking place at Lily Creek Farm in Belden, Mississippi
  • Henson was caught eating a piece of cake by the bride’s sister before she handed over $200 she stole, when family members threatened her
  • Authorities have tied  Henson to a string of thefts in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee dating to 2019

A Mississippi woman dubbed a ‘serial wedding crasher’ who spent the last six years pretending to be a wedding guest – and stealing thousands in cash and gifts – is free again after posting bond. 

Sandra Lynn Henson, 57, was arrested on September 30 at a wedding ceremony at Lily Creek Farm in Belden, Mississippi and charged with petit larceny, trespassing and disturbing the peace.

She has since bonded out of jail, Pontotoc Sheriff Leo Mask said. It’s unclear how much money she had to post to be freed. 

Now, new details are being released about her latest alleged theft and how she was caught red-handed by the bridal party. 

Henson’s latest wedding crashing comes as she remains on probation following a prison sentence for the same crimes. 

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‘It’s unfair,’ said Lexi Butler, whose wedding Henson targeted during the fall, told USA Today. ‘She has robbed so many people of precious time, memories, and gifts, but she never has to own up to her wrongdoing. I can’t believe no one is taking this seriously.’ 

At the latest wedding, members of the bridal party reportedly caught Henson red-handed. She was eating a piece of cake and rummaging through personal items that weren’t hers, the shocked bride and groom – Lexi Butler and Brady Butler – told NBC News

During the September 30 nuptials, the bride’s sister first noticed Henson alone during the reception. When the groom’s sister entered shortly after, she saw Henson looking through some of the purses that were left behind.

When she asked the stranger who she was, Henson replied ‘I’m here for Lexi,’ but when she grew more suspicious she contacted other family members. 

Henson eventually confessed to the theft after initially disputing it. 

Henson was sentenced to prison in 2021 for her thefts, but was free on probation at the time of the latest alleged heist

Henson caught on film at a wedding

Police say Henson has targeted weddings in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi for years

While being confronted, Henson allegedly removed $200 from her bra that she had swiped from the wedding planner’s purse, according to the groom’s other sister, Kristian Joshlin.

Henson pleaded with the family not to call the police, saying she didn’t want to ‘go back to jail’. But the family notified the Pontotoc County police shortly after.

Joshlin said she ‘apologized’ and said she had been ‘going to church and doordashing’, and had been doing well lately.

The sister believes Henson may have got the information about their wedding from social media. Henson also had a notebook on her that listed seven other weddings in the area. 

The family was further shocked once they searched her name on the internet and found all the other crimes she committed. 

The bride’s family had kept the incident from her and her new husband until the police arrived on the scene. But, the family was happy about how it all ended. 

‘The day was about me and Brady getting married and we had the best day ever,’ Butler said.

According to Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office this was not Henson’s first rodeo. ‘Apparently Miss Henson has been arrested in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi for crashing wedding and stealing money and cards from purses.’

Henson is seen dressed in a dress with black sweater wandering around an Alabama wedding reception in 2019.

In 2021, Henson crashed a wedding in Marshall County, Alabama. She reportedly took the bride and groom’s gifts guests had given them including, money, cards and gifts. The sheriff’s department was able to identify her after seeing her steal the items off the gift tables.

The devastated bride told WREG that Henson had ‘ruined her special day.’ 

During their investigation, Alabama authorities discovered that Henson had stolen items from nine other weddings in their state.

At one of the ceremonies, Henson was caught on video walking around the party during the reception.

In 2019, the Florence Alabama Police Department said Henson was accused of taking gifts from two weddings in Alabama. She was charged with two counts of property theft, the news outlet reported.

In 2021, she was indicted on a grand larceny charge in Mississippi after she stole wedding gifts, cash and gift cards estimated to be over $1,000.

According to the Mississippi Department of Corrections, Henson was sentenced to jail in 2021 for burglary and grand larceny before making parole. Henson has not commented on her string of thefts.

However, the wedding planner who had $200 allegedly stolen by Henson said she doesn’t believe the thief plans to end her ways. 

‘It’s insane,’ Kait Dorrough told USA today. ‘She’s been doing this for quite some time and I don’t think she has any intention to stop.’ 

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