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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT)—Several local couples were impacted after a wedding venue management company declared bankruptcy.

The move has left them with no venue and no answers about getting thousands of their dollars back.

The On Your Side Safety Team wants to help you avoid a similar situation.

“Venues are going out of business. They are going bankrupt. It is a very small number in comparison,” Didi Russell said. “But it does happen, and in the last week, I would say probably four to seven wedding venues have been brought to my attention that have filed for bankruptcy.”

Whether your wedding venue goes out of business due to bankruptcy, a storm, or another disaster, you have options.

Wedding expert Didi Russell said that first, you need to buy event cancellation insurance at a low cost to protect yourself and your wedding investment.

“Most important, any wedding venue owner out there who sees this, any engaged couple or friends or family they absolutely must recommend cancellation insurance,” Russell said. “The couples I’m interviewing and speaking have told me we have never heard of cancellation insurance. We did not know it existed. Our venues did not tell us about it.”

Russell says you can still apply for cancellation insurance if you’re two weeks or more away from your wedding.

However, if your venue or wedding has already been canceled and you can’t get your money back, she recommends getting a lawyer involved.

“You have to go back to your contract and look at what your contract said. You may want to work together as a group,” Russell said. “This is why we want to identify these couples. They may need to contact each other to form a group and potentially go after those funds.”

With word this week that The Farm LLC filed for bankruptcy, Russell says she and other venue owners can help.

“Everything we do for couples is free and at a courtesy help them, we will take that information and blast it through our network of thousands of wedding venue owners and managers all over the country,” Russell said.

If you are looking for other venues, click here for resources. Russell also says she recommends Indemn for cancellation insurance. You can contact Mitchell Busse with Indemn at [email protected].

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