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That should make a great backdrop for the wedding photos…

Of course when you have an outdoor wedding you always run the risk of nature crashing the party, like when a deer decided to crash a wedding and take a nibble out of the bride’s bouquet, or this grizzly bear that brutally mauled a moose in the background of a wedding at Glacier National Park.

It happens.

But wedding guests got quite the surprise at a wedding in Oklahoma when they thought a cow had plopped down in a nearby field to watch the ceremonies.

Well it turns out it wasn’t a cow at all, but actually a furry in a cow costume with a camera who ended up taking photos of the wedding.

If you’re not familiar with furries (you must not spend much time on the internet), they’re basically people who dress up as animals and even create their own animal “characters” called “fursonas.” (At least according to Google. I’m admittedly not well versed in the furry community).

They have their own conventions and community, and it may or may not be a sexual thing, I’m kinda unclear on that. It’s all weird to me but hey, to each their own.

But this particular furry was just laying out in the field as the wedding took place nearby, giving the impression from afar that it was a normal cow, until it stood up and started taking pictures of the ceremony.

That’s gonna be a great story that the bride and groom can tell their kids someday. And maybe it even opens up a whole new market of wedding paparazzi. Don’t want the photographer in the shot? Have them dress up like a cow and lay down in the background. Has the furry community explored this business opportunity yet?

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