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  • Attendees took to Reddit to share the worst dishes they have been served
  • Many people revealed they were only given popcorn or had no food at all
  • Elsewhere, other guests also aired their food frustrations with bride and grooms

Wedding guests are dishing on the worst food they have been served after a ceremony – with some firing off grievances about brides and grooms who offered them nothing but crackers and cheese. 

Attendees of various wedding receptions took to Reddit to share the most shocking foods they were given while watching friends or family tie the knot in a thread titled ‘Wedding Shaming.’ 

Unnamed guests revealed they have often ditched wedding parties hours before they ended because they were ‘starving’ after only being given snacks like popcorn and nuts or having to ‘fight’ others to have a bite to eat. 

In a series of comments, the guests aired out their frustrations with the ‘tacky’ newlyweds as they revealed the worst foods they have ever been served post-nuptials. 

A Reddit user started the discussion by revealing that they attended a wedding, which occurred at dinner time, and were given just crackers, nuts, and cheese. 

The post read: ‘What is the worst wedding food you have ever been served at a wedding? 

‘When I was young I went to a wedding that occurred over dinner time but all they served at the reception was cheese, crackers, and nuts. I was staving by the end of it and several guests left early because they were hungry.’ 

People then flooded the comments section and shared that they too had been given such little food during a wedding, that they also had to leave early to eat elsewhere. 

One person said: ‘I showed up to a reception once that only had a “popcorn and ice cream bar.” The reception was scheduled around dinner time, and there was no previous mention of there not being real food provided on the invites or programs.’ 

Someone else added: ‘Yep I’ve been to one with only cheese and biscuits, which probably would have been okay but there was not enough for all the evening guests so it was basically two to three crackers and a few small bits of cheese for dinner.’

Another user wrote: ‘A plate of lettuce. It was the vegan option at my sister’s wedding. Legitimately just a plate of shredded lettuce with side cups of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing.’ 

‘Backyard wedding and they said there would be food, it was dinner time reception. They served cold Chick-fil-A nuggets and veggie trays and they didn’t have enough for everyone so people were fighting over the nuggets as they were brought out. Fun times. We left to go get food,’ someone else added. 

People then flooded the comments section and shared that they too had been given such little food during a wedding, that they also had to leave early to eat elsewhere

One user wrote: ‘It was a wedding scheduled at dinner time and the only food was cupcakes. That you could only get one of. The bride and groom had their own cake. We left early to go get McDonald’s.’

‘The worst was the time we were being called up, table by table, for guests to get their dinner from a buffet. By the time my table was called, there was no food. So the worst wedding food I ever had was when I got no food at all,’ one user commented.

Someone else added: ‘Went to a low-budget wedding, which I fully support… not everyone has money. However, each table had one bottle of sparkling cider and that was it. No water, no nothing else for three hours. I had two young kids with me and we had to leave. I’m in Florida and this was a summer wedding.’

Another anonymous Reddit user made their own post to air off their frustrations when it comes to wedding food. 

The user said: ‘Speaking of bad food at a wedding… I present to you Family-style starvation! Tacky!

‘Please, if you are thinking about family style and long rectangular tables… don’t do it!

‘My cousin did that. 25 guests per rectangular table. Food served at either end. Hubby and I sat in the middle. There was no food left by the time it got to us and the couple sitting next to us. 

‘I’m sure the food was excellent, but all we got was a couple spoonfuls of lavender asparagus risotto to split between the four of us. We even asked the servers if there were any extras they could send to the middle. They assured us there was. They served it to the head of the tables again! So everyone got seconds while we still had nothing, not even risotto.

‘We ended up leaving early and demolishing Wendy’s in the way home!

‘I’m sure it would have worked better with round tables or with less people at a table. But as it was, it was a bit of a disaster.’ 

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