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Wedding Impossible came to an end as the finale episode 12 of the popular rom-com K-drama aired on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, on tvN. In the previous episode, viewers saw the main couple, Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) and Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo), meeting after a year. The finale episode shows Na A Jeong progressing in her acting career and becoming a successful actress.

The Wedding Impossible finale also shows that Lee Ji Han has started his new business with Eun-Taek. Meanwhile, Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan) returns from abroad for his art exhibit. He is much happier now after opening up about his s**ual orientation to the public. The finale episode gives viewers a satisfying end as they witness Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han finally ending up together after overcoming many obstacles.

Wedding Impossible Ending: Do Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min get a happy ending?

Episode 12 (Finale) of Wedding Impossible begins by showcasing Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo) making portfolios to submit for different acting jobs. The episode then shows her working on a new project. However, she seems distracted by the void she feels due to Lee Ji Han’s (Moon Sang Min) absence. Meanwhile, Lee Ji Han seems to be working hard for his new business. He also thinks about Na A Jeong all the time. One year has passed since they parted ways, but they still have strong feelings for one another.

After that, the Wedding Impossible finale goes back to the moment where the previous episode ends. Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong meet after a long time at Lee Ji Han’s mother’s memorial day. They have a conversation where they both lie to each other about doing well all this time without each other. However, by the look of their body language and expression, it is clear that they have missed each other every day.

Then, the episode reveals that Yang Ji Ae is pregnant with Eun Taek’s child. The two are in a happy relationship. It further discloses that the family members of both Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han are also doing well. Kim Min-Sub has become the president of LJ Group, while Lee Ji Han’s grandfather has retired. His step-sister, Choi Seung-A, has gotten involved in good charity work. Meanwhile, Na A Jeong’s brother-in-law has finally published his book and is planning to move out of his in-law’s house with his family.

Thereafter, in the finale of Wedding Impossible, Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan) returns home from abroad. He is happy and focused on his artwork now. He remains close friends with Na A Jeong. Lee Do Han catches up with his brother, Lee Ji Han, and Na A Jeong after a long time. He expresses that he is finally living freely after coming out to the public. Later on, Lee Ji Han goes on a fishing trip with his grandfather. There, his grandfather asks him why he has not gone back into a relationship with Na A Jeong. It gives Lee Ji Han some courage to face his true feelings.

Lee Ji Han then goes on to see Na A Jeong during a shooting. He witnesses her being close with her co-actor. He also learns that they are about to shoot a kissing scene, which makes him quite anxious. While there, Na A Jeong’s friends, Yang Ji Ae and Yoo Jong Hee, tell him that the co-actor is Na A Jeong’s new boyfriend. However, this is not true. The news upsets Lee Ji Han, and he goes on to have a drink with Yoon Chae Won. He then calls Na A Jeong in a drunk state. Na A Jeong arrives and takes care of him. The next day, Lee Ji Han meets Na A Jeong’s parents and tells them he loves their daughter and wants to be with her forever.

Toward the end of the Wedding Impossible finale, Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han have a heart-to-heart conversation. Na A Jeong reveals that the co-actor is not her boyfriend. Lee Ji Han then expresses his desire to marry Na A Jeong. Thus, he asks her to marry him. The two embrace and share a heartfelt kiss. At the end of the finale, viewers see Na A Jeong shooting a wedding scene for an acting project. Lee Soo Hyuk makes a cameo appearance in that scene as Na A Jeong’s co-actor. Suddenly, it starts raining during the scenes. Lee Ji Han arrives there, holds Na A Jeong’s hand, and runs away from there.

The scene is quite symbolic of their entire love story. The two seem happy while running away from the shoot. Thus, Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong have a joyous and happy ending at the end of Wedding Impossible.

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