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Episode 10 of Wedding Impossible arrived on tvN on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. The previous episode ended with Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) finding out about the fake marriage between his brother, Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan), and Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo). In the new episode, viewers see Lee Ji Han initially distancing himself from Na A Jeong as he is upset about her hiding this big secret from him.

However, later on, in Wedding Impossible episode 10, Lee Ji Han reconciles with Na A Jeong as the two have strong feelings for each other, so much so that they are ready to risk even their reputation and career. The episode also sees the news of Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong coming out to the public. It creates a huge scandal, and everyone blames Na A Jeong for it. The biggest highlight of the latest episode is Lee Ji Han taking all the blame to protect Na A Jeong and his brother, Lee Do Han.

Wedding Impossible Episode 10: Moon Sang Min takes all the blame to protect Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Do Wan

Episode 10 of Wedding Impossible begins right where episode 9 ends. Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) learns that the marriage of Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo) and his brother, Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan), is a sham. He also discovers that Na A Jeong already knows that Lee Do Han likes men. Thus, he feels betrayed and quite upset. He decides to stop talking to Na A Jeong. He ignores her for a few days.

Meanwhile, Na A Jeong is in grave emotional pain as she is worried that Lee Ji Han won’t come back to her again. She fears that he will not forgive her and stop having any kind of relationship with her. On the other hand, Lee Do Han still tries to convince Na A Jeong to re-think their fake marriage. He is desperate to hide his secret from the world. However, Na A Jeong tells him that she won’t be able to continue this fake relationship. She clearly states that she has feelings for Lee Ji Han.

In the meantime, in Wedding Impossible episode 10, Lee Ji Han’s step-sister, Choi Seung-A, spreads the news of Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong’s romantic involvement in the media. It creates a massive scandal. The news reporters start to hover over Na A Jeong’s place. Everyone starts to blame her, thinking that she has intentionally made both brothers of LJ Group fall for her. When her mother finds out about her relationship with Lee Ji Han, she also lashes out at her. Thus, Na A Jeong is in great distress.

Later on, in episode 10, Lee Ji Han finally decides to talk to his brother, Lee Do Han. He asks him to think about others’ happiness and safety. He also asks Lee Do Han to let go of Na A Jeong. Meanwhile, Na A Jeong meets Yoon Chae-Won, and the two get drunk while talking about Lee Ji Han. At night, while on the street, Na A Jeong calls Lee Ji Han in a drunk state.

Thus, Lee Ji Han rushes to take care of her. He brings her to his house. The next morning, in an emotional moment, the two reconcile. It is evident that they have deeply fallen for each other.

At the end of episode 10 of Wedding Impossible, viewers see Lee Do Han gaining courage and finally deciding to take responsibility for his actions. He decides to appear in a press conference and reveal the truth. However, when he arrives for the conference, he sees that only his grandfather is waiting for him there. The episode then shows Lee Ji Han speaking at a press conference. He takes all the blame upon himself to protect his brother’s secret and Na A Jeong.

The episode ends with disclosing that Lee Do Han’s grandfather already knows about his secret and has known this for a long time.

Viewers can watch Wedding Impossible episode 10 on Viki and Amazon Prime Video in selected regions.

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