‘Wedding Impossible’ experiences a surge in viewership as it approaches its finale – The Times of India

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The heated competition for Monday-Tuesday television ratings remains intense as networks vie for viewership. Nielsen Korea’s latest data reveals that KBS2’s drama ‘Nothing Uncovered’ saw a notable increase in its average nationwide viewership, climbing to 2.9 percent for its April 1 broadcast from the previous episode’s rating of 2.3 percent.
Meanwhile, tvN’s ‘Wedding Impossible’ experienced a slight uptick in ratings, garnering an average nationwide viewership of 2.8 percent for its penultimate episode, signaling heightened interest as it approaches its finale.
On the other hand, ENA’s ‘The Midnight Studio’ maintained a steady performance with an average nationwide rating of 2.2 percent, consistent with its previous episode. Despite the fierce competition, each program continues to attract audiences with its unique storyline and captivating performances, highlighting the dynamic landscape of television ratings in the Monday-Tuesday primetime slot.

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