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Jeong Jong Seo recently appeared in the tvN drama titled Wedding Impossible, which wrapped its last episode on April 2. Two days later, the actress, who recently witnessed a surge in her popularity, is facing resurfaced school violence allegations, which is endangering her newfound fame.

Jeon Jong Seo faces school bullying allegations by alleged former middle school classmate

According to a Korean media outlet, on April 3, an article titled ‘Jeon Jong Seo school violence’ surfaced on an anonymous community app catered to office workers. The poster claimed to have been a victim of the actress’s bullying in middle school and said how alleged accusations against her in the past have been removed online.

 “I kept seeing Jeon Jong Seo’s advertisements here and there and it angered me. So, I started searching for her news and came across an article that said how past bullying accusations against her have been swiftly erased. I was shocked to learn that a post I wrote before, was also deleted without a trace,” the victim claimed.

The victim further claimed to be a former classmate of the Burning actress, “Some people think that she attended overseas school, so the bullying rumors must be false. But I attended the same middle school as her in Yeongdeungpo. She stayed there until early in our second year and then went abroad.”

According to the alleged ex-classmate, “She stole other kids’ athletic uniforms as she pleased and cursed at them if they were unwilling to hand it over to her and proceeded to fight with them. Once, I refused to give my uniform and she began cursing at me every time she saw me in school. So I tried to hide in the bathroom. But she would come there and kick the door. I hid until things became quiet.”


As soon as the post surfaced, it was circulated at light speed among the online community, igniting outrage against the actress. 

The anonymous alleged victim ended the article with, “Multiple stories from victims surfaced in the past as well, only to be erased by her agency. Doesn’t it seem suspicious as if she has something to hide? So I am mustering up the courage and posting it once again. 

In response to the allegation, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency ANDMARQ briefly said that they were preparing for an official statement.

Jeon Jong Seo’s agency denies school violence accusations against actress

Shortly after, the agency issued a response, refuting all the allegations against the Wedding Impossible actress. 

“We are aware of multiple false and fabricated rumors about Jeon Jong Seo spreading online, so in the past, we refrained from responding. But the current controversial post seriously intends to tarnish the reputation of Jeon Jong Seo. We refute the recent school violence allegation against her after a thorough investigation with the actress and close acquaintances.”

The agency deemed the allegations as false and emphasized, “We will take strict legal actions against all the malicious comments and false speculation as it is seriously damaging the physical and mental health of the actress and those around her. We would like to inform you that from now on we will respond to the groundless accusations that go beyond a simple opinion.”

More about actress Jeon Jong Seo

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo who recently sparked considerable attention with Wedding Impossible (2024), has already established a strong foothold in the Korean film industry, starring in acclaimed movies like Burning (2018), The Call (2020), and Ballerina (2023). She also portrayed a main character in Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area (2022).

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