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Published: 2023-11-14T22:27:36  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-14T22:27:55

A wedding party of 50 people refused to tip a restaurant after they declined to stay open late and serve them drinks.

If there’s one thing every restaurant server could agree on, it’s that closing time — is closing time.

So when TikToker Syd and her colleagues only had about ten minutes until their restaurant closed, they made sure to have everything ready to leave on time.

However, a wedding party of 50 people walked in right before closing and demanded they stay open.

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But when the restaurant refused, the father of the bride made sure to be clear about his frustrations.

Wedding party walked into restaurant with only eight minutes until closing 

Syd took to TikTok to explain what happened on the night that a wedding party of 50 adults walked into her work and took over the front of the house.

Captioning her video, “I still have nightmares about these guests,” Syd began to reenact the scene and dialogue she endured from the father of the bride.

Though she did warn the group that their restaurant was closing in about eight minutes, the father of the bride tried to have them stay open so they could get a couple of rounds of drinks from the bar.

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However, the restaurant refused to stay open late, as their liquor license would have possibly been revoked for serving alcohol past a certain hour.

The father of the bride even tried to offer any amount of money to the servers for them to stay open, but management was not budging.

After being told no, the wedding party then moved about sixty tables to accommodate their group.

The father of the bride then ordered 48 tequila shots despite being told that only beer and wine were available.

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When he was finally given the bill for their brief stay, he crumbled up the receipt in front of Syd and said, “Why would I tip you to do fifteen minutes worth of work? It’s just your job.”

He then told Syd that he lived in Virginia and would never see any of the servers again and continued to walk out of the restaurant even though Syd tried to explain that they were more than accommodating to their wedding party.

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Though not tipping the server is considered a faux pas, this instance wasn’t the first time a large party refused to include gratuity. To read a similar story, check out our page here.

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