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A wedding photographer has gone viral after posting photos of the moment a bride almost passed out and continued shooting her.

Paola Tassinari, a wedding photographer in Monterrey, Mexico, shared photos on Instagram of a bride looking faint and unwell on the big day.

In the widely-shared images, the bride is seen being nursed and fed sugary food by the groom and other members of the wedding after nearly passing out.

Tassinari, who has been a wedding photographer for 20 years, says that she decided to keep clicking instead of helping the bride.

Firstly, because it was not a dangerous situation, but secondly, because Tassarini knew the photos would convey the unique story of the couple’s wedding day.

‘I Decided I was Going to Take Photos’

According to the photographer, the bride had not eaten much on the day. Tassarini says that the bride started looking pale and unwell after the communion during the wedding ceremony.

Tassarini saw the lightheaded bride whisper something to the groom. And the concerned photographer immediately arranged to give her something sweet to eat so she would not faint.

“One of my assistants had a Coca-Cola which he had bought and I told him to give it to her,” Tassarini tells PetaPixel.

“My videographer had bought a ‘Gansito’ which is a typical Mexican cake and he also gave it to her.

“I decided, for the most part, that I was going to take photos of the whole scene.”

‘You Have to Go Beyond What a Typical Wedding Looks Like’

Tassarini knows some people might question why she continued shooting the bride during this moment, instead of going to her aid.

However, the photographer says that her job is to document the wedding as it is. Tassarini says she knew the couple would look back at these photos and laugh and warmly remember the incident.

“One of the things I learned from my career is that if you go into with a mental space of photographing the scripted timeline that every wedding has, the photos of the wedding can be boring,” Tassarini, who shoots destination weddings as well as in Mexico, says.

“In order to tell a unique story, you have to go beyond what a typical wedding looks like and find its individuality and special details.

“The interesting things usually are the moments that seem to fall out of place, or maybe the chaos around the perfection of the wedding.

“So, I knew that this wasn’t something serious, that she was going to be ok, and that maybe they would laugh back at the photos (which they did).”

In the Instagram caption, Tassinari also noted how the images showed the importance for brides to eat properly on their wedding days which can often be long and emotional events.

“Don’t pass out! Brides: please don’t forget to eat,” the photographer warns.

More of Tassinari’s work can be seen on the photographer’s website and Instagram.

Image credits: All photos by Paola Tassinari Photography.

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