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May 1, 2024 at 12:00 PM
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As the weather turns warmer, wedding season begins. While many people save and budget for exactly how much they want to spend, the reality of wedding costs can still bring sticker shock.

One way to save on your wedding expenses is to utilize Costco, which sells food and flowers but offers packages on honeymoon travel and even destination venues.

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Wedding planners and industry professionals explain some of the best ways to utilize Costco to make your wedding more affordable.

Wedding Decor

Carissa Kruse, a professional wedding planner, strategist and founder of Carissa Kruse Weddings, prefers to purchase wedding decor items such as candles, votives, vases and table runners from Costco’s home decor department.

“Costco offers a variety of stylish and affordable decor options that enhance the ambiance of your wedding venue including floral arrangements, string lights and lanterns,” she said.

Bridal Party Gifts

Another way to utilize Costco is to shop for bridal party gifts. She recommended Costco’s jewelry department, which, she said, offers a selection of affordable jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

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“I have noticed that Costco’s jewelry selection includes both classic and trendy styles to suit any taste. I love to personalize the gifts by adding a handwritten note or monogramming, which is also offered at Costco for an additional cost,” she said.

DIY Wedding Projects

Additionally, if you’re aiming for a more homey feel for your wedding, Kruse recommended, “Go for Costco’s bulk crafting supplies such as ribbons, stickers, and cardstock to create DIY wedding projects such as signage, table numbers, and escort cards.”

She said Costco offers a variety of crafting materials at budget-friendly prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99, which is much more affordable than purchasing these items individually at a craft store.

For Small Weddings

“The biggest determining factor on whether Costco can be a good contributor to your wedding is the size of your wedding,” according to Erik Zijdemans, founder of CalmXCollective, a wedding photography collective.

“If you’re organizing a 200-person wedding at a big venue, most venues won’t even allow you to use Costco for something like florals or food. But it is a great solution for weddings that are either a little bit more intimate, so I’d say 50 or fewer people or for weddings that are organized at your own venue,” he explained.

Any wedding that is more “hands-on” can benefit from the kinds of discounted prices Costco offers, he said.


For example, Zijdemans said, with a small wedding, “Then it becomes much easier to get a whole bunch of florals in Costco and make your own floral pieces.”

Jennifer Allen, founder of Just Elope, which specializes in “micro weddings,” agreed, adding, “Couples can save a bundle by buying their wedding blooms in bulk at Costco. Their floral department is bursting with stunning bouquets, eye-catching centerpieces, and unbeatable prices. Adorn your venue in floral finery without emptying your wallet…”


Allen also pointed out that you can also save money by utilizing Costco’s printing services. “Customize your invites and save-the-dates with their print services, leaving more room in your budget for the honeymoon of your dreams.”

Food For the Wedding Party

Another great way to utilize Costco is to purchase trays of their sandwiches for the wedding party as they’re getting ready, Zijdemans said.

“I mean, people tend to forget to eat on their own wedding day and this is something that we always make sure to mention to them in the planning process. And a tray of Costco’s sandwiches is a great solution to make sure everybody’s fed and enjoying themselves.”


Allen said the “cherry on top” of using Costco is that “You can even book your dream honeymoon through Costco’s travel department.” From tropical beaches to romantic European getaways, they’ve got you covered, she said.

Wedding Rings

Moreover, Allen pointed out that “Costco isn’t just about bulk buys and budget blooms – they’ve got wedding rings that’ll make your heart skip a beat without the sticker shock.”

Instead of going into stunning debt, Allen said, “At Costco, you can dazzle and delight without draining your bank account.”

Use A Costco Credit Card

If you have a Costco credit card, Zijdemans suggests you put every expense for your wedding on that card to earn points.

“You can spend those points on your honeymoon. And that way you’re basically, you’re basically financing your own honeymoon as you’re going.”

While Costco may not cover every cost of a wedding, such as wedding clothes or the venue itself, by shopping there strategically, you may be able to throw a budget wedding that doesn’t look like you cut any corners.

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