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  • A Reddit user created a post on March 27 describing details from the registry
  • The poster’s fiancé was chosen as the best man for the early May wedding
  • The bride is Italian and the wedding will be taking place in Italy 

Reddit users are angry and debating a wedding registry that features a QR code to the spoiled grooms’ Venmo.

The Reddit user created a post on the social media platform yesterday to discuss a controversial decision related the upcoming wedding of her fiancé’s friend.

‘My fiancé is the best man in his friend’s wedding in early May. For the sake of this post, let’s call the groom Josh,’ she wrote.

She added that Josh’s fiancé is Italian and that their wedding will be held in Italy.

The original poster (OP) didn’t clarify if she’s in the wedding party but she did lend a hand in wedding preparations.

The OP's (original poster) fiancé will be the best man at their wedding in Italy and the woman agreed to help the groom create a wedding website

Josh requested that his best man’s fiancé help him with the wedding website that was just for their guests from the US.

According to the OP, the Italian bride opted to create a different website for her side of the family since they speak another language.

‘I helped him with the schedule, FAQ, things to do, and get to know the wedding party pages,’ the Reddit user wrote.

‘It’s pretty barebones because they have set nothing up for guests who are traveling, so the FAQs about where to stay and how to get around are basically just “figure it out.”‘

The OP claimed that Josh and his fiancé wanted cash instead of gifts, which is why she suggested that they set up a honeymoon fund.

However, the amount of money that Josh and his fiancé had requested was higher than the OP expected it to be. 

According to the Reddit user, the groom told her that he and his Italian fiancé wanted money instead of gifts

‘A few weeks ago Josh hand delivered our invitation plus the invitation for my fiancé’s parents, who he’s also close to since he and my fiancé grew up together,’ the Reddit user wrote.

‘I noticed the one for my fiancé’s parents had an extra little card in it that wasn’t in mine and fiancé’s.’

The card contained the QR code and the link to the soon-to-be married couple’s ‘insane wedding registry.’

The OP was shocked when she looked over the registry and she admitted in her post that she found it ‘greedy and crass’ to include the QR code and link in the wedding invitations.

The appalled Reddit poster listed everything on the registry – most of the money going toward their lavish honeymoon. 

According to the OP, the couple is asking for $14,000 to pay for their honeymoon.

That price does not include their requested amount for flights, which is $3,000.

The bride and groom may be able to contribute to the total cost of their flights if they receive $2,000 in Delta Airlines gift cards per their request.

Their upcoming international marriage is also requiring them to pay a hefty legal fee, which may be why they request five $500 payments in their registry.

They did manage to add a more affordable wedding gift to their registry – $25 Zola gift cards. 

The OP suggested that the couple create a honeymoon fund on their website. However, she did not expect to find a card with a QR code and a link to the groom's Venmo in her invite

Most of the money the couple requested will go toward their honeymoon and have also requested funds to pay for legal fees, and Delta and Hotel.com gift cards

According to the OP, Josh has had a history of ‘mooching’ for a while since her fiancé’s parents are rich.

She also claimed that Josh is ‘not a regular social media user’ and that he posts pictures whenever he’s invited to a vacation property.

‘I sometimes wonder if this is all he values my fiancé… It’s very telling that he included this card for fiancé’s parents but not us,’ she wrote.

Reddit users have commented, and so far, the soon-to-be married couple has been receiving a lot of hate for their registry

Reddit users have shared various opinions about the wedding registry and many of them have dissed the soon-to-be married couple because of it

‘The months of house expenses is out of pocket. The two separate honeymoon funds is insane,’ a Reddit user wrote.

‘And putting the Venmo on there is just tasteless.’

One Reddit user that claimed they were from Italy wrote that leaving a cash gift is ‘pretty normal,’ but that it’s done in-person and not on a website.

‘Right now, in my culture, the norm is to cover your plate and add an extra 100. So if my husband and I attend a close family members wedding, we usually leave $400-500,’ the user wrote.

‘That being said, it is unbelievably tacky to ASK for money like this. At least where we are from.’ 

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