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Attribute it to a post-COVID creativity spike, or maybe even just a natural generational change in taste, but brides and grooms have been raising the bar on wedding style and flair. From guestbooks to favors, couples have been making their own mark on typically traditional aspects of their “big days.” We wanted to share a few of the new trends we’re loving and expect to see a lot more of in 2024.

Audio Guestbooks

For some brides and grooms, gone are the days of the traditional, handwritten guestbook and tredning are the individualized, personal messages from your family and friends. Audio guestbooks allow guests to pick up a phone and leave a voice message for the couple. Not only can this make for a potentially funny memory, but it can also act as a time capsule of loved ones and life advice. There are many national companies like FêteFone and At The Beep that offer a variety of phone options – from vintage to novelty, the ability to record a message to guests for when they pick up the phone and various download options for you to enjoy the messages after the event.

The closest local company is Ring-A Ding-Ding out of Lafayette. They offer 2–4-hour rentals, as well as add-on items to help create a whole setup at your event.

Permanent Favors

Wedding favors can be tricky. They either end up being expensive or something your guests don’t enjoy after the wedding festivities are over. Many couples are offering their guests a more permanent take-home from their wedding in the form of permanent jewelry or tattoos.

Permanent jewelry has had a surge in New Orleans, and beyond, lately and is exactly what it sounds like – a chain that is welded onto your person. Locally, there are a few jewelry companies that offer permanent jewelry – Porter Lyons, Iris 1956 and Love Weld.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, some couples are offering tattoo options for their reception entertainment. Obviously, the tattoos would need to be small in order for the artist to get through many people. We also wouldn’t suggest doing this for events involving a couple hundred people – given logistical reasons. There are a number of great tattoo shops around the city. (Kelly here: all of my tattoos are from Electric Ladyland on Frenchmen, and I love them!)

Pre-Cocktail Party

New Orleans loves a party and a good cocktail hour. And who says your cocktail hour has to happen after your ceremony? We love the idea of having your guests arrive before the ceremony to a cocktail hour and mingle with friends and family. Logistically for the couples planning and the venue staff, this could pose an issue depending on where a couple is saying, “I do.” But for those opting for a shorter, few minute ceremony – especially in a location with multiple event areas like Il Mercato, Marigny Opera House, The Chicory and Degas House to name a few – it could be a fun way to set the tone for your big day.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite trends and share some of yours on our Instagram @neworleansbride.

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