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LINDSAY AND DYLAN Bougor were married at the Vermont Wedding Barn in Bridport in September.
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Lindsay Christian and Dylan Bougor of Middlebury said theirs is a 21st Century Love Story — they met online.

After a while, Dylan proposed to Lindsay in the comfort of their kitchen, on May 4, 2021, after work. Lindsay was cooking dinner when he asked her to look in his lunch box. In it, she found a little black box, so she turned around to ask what it was for and he was already down on one knee! 

The couple said that planning for their wedding was fun. One interesting feature they included in their big day was a photo display. In honor of their family, and closest friends they consider family, Lindsay and Dylan created a display of each couple’s favorite wedding picture. They said their family and friendships mean the most to them, and being able to honor them and show the love that surrounds Lindsay and Dylan was very important to the couple. 

The Vermont Wedding Barn offered enough space for all their friends and family, was the perfect blank canvas to decorate how they wanted. Plus, it included Alpacas! 

The wedding day itself went by fast. Everyone tells you how quick the day goes by, but until you are living the moment, you don’t realize just how quick it goes by,” Lindsay said. 

Still, there was one memory that stands out: Their first look at each other after they’d been apart for 16 hours. They called it the best part of the day.

The Bougors suggest that other couples planning their wedding should have fun with the planning process. They acknowledge that it can be a lot, and sometimes crazy, but making it fun will make it a lot easier to handle. 

Enjoy the day! It goes by just as fast as people tell you it does. 

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