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TYLER HEBERT AND Moriah Sullivan had a beautiful wedding this year — in fact they had two!

Tyler Hebert and Moriah Sullivan had a beautiful wedding this year — in fact they had two! But the backstory to how the two met is emotional. Moriah was the girlfriend of Gregory Ouellette, who happened to be Tyler’s brother. Tragically, Ouellete was killed in a Route 7 car crash during the summer of 2021. Naturally, Moriah and Tyler grieved together and healed together. A couple years later, they started dating. Eventually, the relationship started getting serious for both of them.

Moriah says she definitely knew Tyler was going to propose sometime this past January; nevertheless it was still a surprise. Her best friends did her hair and nails saying it was for practice (“I should have known better,” Moriah laments) and she was completely shocked when he pulled out the ring.

Now that they were happily engaged, the couple chose to elope in Aruba. They chose the specific date of their ceremony based on the dates as their birthdays — Tyler’s is June 2 and Moriah’s is Jan. 26, so they ciphered out the best wedding date as 02-26-2023. Moriah called it “a big numbers game.”

Moriah acknowledged they got married in Aruba first because that trip had already been booked. Once Tyler had proposed, the couple thought about it and knew that since they already were committing and knew they wanted to get married, why not honeymoon and get married at the same time.

“Saved us a little bit of money,” Moriah notes.

When the wedding day arrived, it turned out to be the most relaxing day for a big event that the couple had ever experienced. Only family and a couple friends knew about their plans and both Tyler and Moriah spent the day relaxing on the beach, swimming in the pool and walking to breakfast.

Photo by Adrianna Paige

But they still wanted to get their loved ones involved. So the Heberts also did a “renewing of vows” in June at the Addison County Fairgrounds so they could celebrate with friends and enjoy the full experience.

“Lord willing, we both never have to get married again so we wanted to get the full effect,” Moriah noted. One detail she’ll always remember about the celebration ceremony at the fair was the food — catered by Pratt’s — was amazing.

 Asked what advice they have for others planning a wedding, Moriah and Tyler urged couples not to think too hard.

“People will love the meaning behind it more than the decorations, more than the food, more than the drinks,” Moriah said. “They’re there to celebrate you.”

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