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Tiffany Trump’s entire extended family was at her wedding, including her half-siblings and their significant others. Among them was Donald Trump Jr., the oldest of the Trump children, and his fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle has worn some inappropriate outfits over the years, which belie her professionalism as a lawyer and former Fox News host. For instance, the bright red dress she wore to the 2020 Republican National Convention was deemed too distracting on a night meant for her future father-in-law. More recently, her strapless corset dress wasn’t the best choice to promote her new children’s book from a Christian family values publisher.


To be fair, the dress Guilfoyle wore to Tiffany’s wedding was quite modest. But it was also black, a traditional “don’t” color for weddings. Yes, we know some trendy couples use black as a signature theme, but amid Tiffany’s soft pastel palette, Guilfoyle looked downright gloomy. “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. That’s who that is, isn’t it?” commented a critic on X. The oversized bat-wing sleeves weren’t much of a hit, either. “Did you give her Red Bull?” snickered a follower on Don Jr.’s Instagram post.

Almost more attention-getting was a group shot Ivanka Trump posted of the family women, in which Guilfoyle appeared to have been cropped out. Ivanka later posted a full version of the photo, but not before social media had a good chuckle over the apparent snub. Actor Diedrich Bader noted, “[S]he must have known the full photo would be widely disseminated, therefore cutting her out is quite a statement.”


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