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Drafting a wedding budget is one thing, but sticking to it is another. Committing to one extravagant item on your wish list, often means having to skimp on something else as you try to squeeze the most out of every dollar.

The Knot’s 2023 Global Wedding Report put the average cost of a wedding in Canada at about $26,000, with a nuptial frenzy taking hold since pandemic restrictions lifted and rising inflation nudging costs higher and higher each year.

To help couples who are planning their big day, we’re asking readers to share the things they wished they’d skipped and what they don’t regret spending a dime on.

Did you pay top dollar for a meal no one ended up eating? Splurge on a quintet that made the day more memorable? Wish you’d gone the extra mile on centrepieces? Looking back, what are your top money dos and don’ts for your wedding?

Share your story about your wedding spending below, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

What expense do you wish you skipped at your wedding? What was worth the money?

From fancy cakes to flip-flops for the dancefloor – tell us which wedding expenses weren’t worth the cost, and which were worth the splurge.

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