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A California woman planned to attend a wedding in Connecticut. After she reportedly wasn’t able to fly with her pet bearded dragon, she decided to drive across the country with the reptile but disappeared somewhere in Arizona.

On Sept. 24, 2023, Chelsea Grimm left her San Diego home and started out for the East Coast. Just days into her trip, however, her parents said she told them she didn’t think she could go the entire way alone. She decided to skip the wedding and instead do some camping in Arizona.

On Sept. 27, days after she left California, Grimm reportedly arrived in Phoenix and met up with a friend. The following day, she was supposed to see the same friend for lunch but then canceled and instead showed up in Williams, Arizona.

Body cam footage recorded Sept. 28 and obtained by Arizona’s Family shows that an officer made contact with 32-year-old Grimm after authorities received a report about a suspicious person near a cemetery.

“How are you doing?” says the officer to an upset Grimm, according to the footage.

Grimm tells the officer she was going to get back on the road but was “doing a photo shoot of the lost soldiers and got a little emotional” and “was crying.”

She then explains to the officer she was “thinking of just camping for the night” in the area but hadn’t made up her mind. Grimm adds, “I didn’t plan to be here until sunset.”

The officer directs Grimm to a Loves Travel Stop and explains that if she parks near the gas station “nobody will bother” her.

A woodcutter reported seeing Grimm, who was camping in her 2019 Ford Focus SUV near Ashfork, Arizona, two days later, on Sept. 30. When asked, she indicated she was okay.

After Grimm’s concerned parents reported her missing on Oct. 4, her SUV was located in a rural area in the Ashfork area with two flat tires, both on the righthand side of the vehicle, according to Arizona’s Family.

The missing woman’s pet bearded dragon, Roxy, was also gone, according to reports, but many of Grimm’s personal belongings were still in her SUV.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona continues to investigate the case.

“We are trying our best to hold onto positive outcome scenarios and put our faith in the authorities,” Stephen Grimm recently told Arizona’s Family about his missing daughter.

Anything with information about Chelsea Grimm and her possible whereabouts is urged to contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 774-4523.

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