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Lucy Spraggan has confirmed her engagement to partner and best friend of 10 years Emilia Smith.

The pair are set to marry in June and the X Factor star – who was on the show in 2012 – has revealed that Simon Cowell will be walking her down the aisle.

Gushing about her wife-to-be, Lucy posted: ‘”When you know you know”. That’s response we’ve heard the most over the last few weeks when Emilia & I have told our people that we are, in fact, getting married in June.

‘That’s a phrase I really thought I understood throughout my life, that I believed I had a full appreciation of but… It wasn’t until I fell in love with my friend of 10 years that I truly felt it.’

So, who is Emilia Smith? And how did the couple’s firm friendship turn into a blossoming romance?

Despite being so close for so long, the pair only got romantic in late 2023, but things developed very quickly

Lucy said that Emilia - a professional photographer - had helped her through her 'darkest days' while they were friends

Who is Lucy Spraggan’s girlfriend Emilia Smith? 

Emilia Kate Smith, Lucy Spraggan‘s fiancée, is a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer – so will have plenty of inspiration for their big event in summer.

Away from the lens, Emilia is a keen mental health advocate, revealing that it has been a big factor in her life battling a chronic autoimmune disease – Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

She posted on Instagram in 2021: ‘I would say that mental health has always been an “issue” in my life for many different reasons over the years but when I got sick this was when I was truly impacted significantly with my mental health and the time I really understood what depression really was.’

Emilia also used her fearless attitude towards poor mental health to help Lucy through some of her ‘darkest days’.

The couple met through mutual friends in 2013, although Lucy told Fabulous Magazine that Emilia initially thought the singer was 'loud and obnoxious'

When did Lucy Spraggan and Emilia Smith meet?

The couple met through mutual friends in 2013, although Lucy told Fabulous Magazine that Emilia initially thought the singer was ‘loud and obnoxious’.

The singer was with Georgina Gordon for the first six years of her friendship with Emilia – married from 2016 to 2019.

Lucy and Georgina fostered 12 children together while they underwent fertility treatment, but Lucy has since said that she lacked emotional stability during that time.

They became better friends after Lucy went teetotal in 2019, and would go for walks, dinners and spa trips together.

But Lucy ‘never thought of her in a romantic sense’ until she broke up with her ex-girlfriend Evangelina in 2023.

Lucy first felt romantic about Emilia after ending her previous relationship. She felt 'butterflies' when her wife-to-be texted her to say she would be at her show

Lucy popped the question on March 23, 2024, in front of the photographer's nearest and dearest during a pizza and games night

How long have Lucy Spraggan and Emilia Smith been together?

Romance was finally on the cards in December 2023.

Emilia gave her future wife ‘butterflies’ when she messaged the singer that she would be attending one of her shows and a few meetings later they both admitted that they already felt like they were in love. 

Lucy popped the question on March 23, 2024, in front of the photographer’s nearest and dearest during a pizza and games night.

During a game of ‘who am I?’ – where you have a sticky note on your forehead and guess what it says – Lucy wrote ‘will you marry me?’ on her partner’s note, eventually met by ‘tears all round’ when Emilia guessed. 

They had moved in together near Hull a month earlier.

Lucy is being walked down the aisle by Simon Cowell (pictured together in 2022)

When are Lucy Spraggan and Emilia Smith getting married?

Their announcements revealed that the couple are wedding in June with Lucy’s former TV judge Simon Cowell to walk her down the aisle.

Lucy and Simon had to repair their relationship after she was traumatised by a sexual assault which forced her to quit the talent show in its third week.

Aged just 20, she was raped by hotel porter Soby Jon – who went on to plead guilty and was jailed.

She has confessed she felt like a ‘corporate problem’ after the assault and was left feeling completely devoid of self worth.

The assault happened after fellow contestant Rylan Clark – also going to the wedding in June – had a 25th birthday party, where staff and singers were given ‘free alcohol’ – ultimately leading to Lucy falling unconscious in her hotel room. 

Some time later, Rylan arrived back at the hotel and checked in on his fellow contestant.

When he left he ensured the door was locked, meaning the porter then had to use a traceable keycard in order to get into the room and commit the rape, she explained on Elizabeth Day’s podcast How To Fail.

Lucy (pictured in 2023) was raped in her hotel while she was on the X Factor in 2012 and a welcome call from Simon offered a glimmer of light

The singer had been out celebrating co-star Rylan Clark's (pictured with Lucy in 2012) 25th birthday when she was assaulted in her hotel room by porter Soby Jon

The next day, Lucy woke up and instantly knew something was wrong.

The brutal attack left her unable to continue the show due to strong side effects of Pep medication – a drug given to her by doctors which can prevent someone contracting HIV.

Yet Lucy has revealed that a glimmer of light came when she was finally offered accountability by Simon Cowell who called her after she wrote to ITV and Freemantle in 2020 after the death of Caroline Flack.

Another few years on, Lucy is a frequent visitor of Simon and his partner Lauren Silverman’s Los Angeles house.

Estranged from her birth father, Lucy has described Simon and Lauren as ‘surrogate parents’, making the TV talent show judge a natural choice to be front and centre in June 2024.

Information and support for anyone affected by rape or sexual abuse is available from Rape Crisis on 0808 500 2222.

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