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In case you missed it, Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods broke up for the 15th time. We’re left mourning the loss of what could have been. Does no one believe in love anymore? It all went down in the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and we’re here to piece together the puzzle for anyone out there confused over how this relationship keeps circling the drain. It’s definitely about the pasta and probably a few other things.

Another big breakup for Big Ed

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Ed and Liz were getting ready to walk down the aisle before everything came crashing down, once again. According to Liz, their latest breakup happened after a fight over a pasta dish gone awry. Ed made his famous taco pasta, and it wasn’t a crowd-pleaser.

“A few nights ago, Ed and I got in an argument in front of his family. His sister was at the house. Ed made dinner — taco pasta, but then Riley’s dish was just way too spicy for her, and Ed pretty much told her to stop being a baby,” Liz explained.

According to Liz, she called out Ed for being rude, and things went downhill from there. There was already lingering tension over their move to Arkansas. Ed’s attitude mixed with a bad batch of taco pasta sent things over the edge.

After the fight, Liz said that Ed completely ghosted her. She later found out that he called off their wedding. He didn’t even bother telling Liz and dodged all of her phone calls.

“Yesterday, I received a text message from our officiant telling me how sorry he was that the wedding was called off,” Liz said in a confessional interview. “Ed canceled our wedding without even telling me.”

Two sides to every story

Meanwhile, Ed gave his side of the story and accused Liz of being unsupportive. He said he felt like things weren’t going to get better and he called off the wedding to make a point to Liz. He wanted her to know that, unlike the previous 14 breakups, he meant business this time.

“She doesn’t respect me. Liz getting this upset at me at yelling, I was embarrassed. I had built Liz up to be the love of my life to all my family,” Ed explained.

“This is a person I should be able to turn to for love and support and to protect me when I make a mistake,” he continued.

Of course, we’re all left wondering if this is truly the end of Big Ed and Liz. After 15 breakups, you’d think they’d be able to move forward from this petty fight. However, Ed explained in the episode that things are probably over for good this time. He said he’s not even mad at her, but he’s just ready to move past this situation once and for all.

“I’m just realizing that we’re not meant to be together. I’m at a different stage in my life, and I can see clearly that it’s not going to work — that Liz needs to go live her life, and I need to live mine,” Ed shared.

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