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While the Royals remain surprisingly coy about Kate Middleton’s health, rumors run amok about her well-being and the state of her marriage to Prince William. The absence of a wedding ring on Prince William’s finger has only added fuel to the fire.

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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married the Princess of Wales in 2011 in a globally watched event. Since then, the couple has been under constant scrutiny for better or worse. That’s why Kate’s sudden disappearance from the public eye has resulted in wild theories and concerning reports.

In March 2024, Kate announced her cancer diagnosis in a heartfelt video message, revealing that she had undergone abdominal surgery and was receiving preventative chemotherapy. Even if the video helps to explain why Kate had not been seen in public for the past months, William’s absence from this video was noted and widely criticized. It’s impossible to watch the video and not question why he wasn’t by his wife’s side during such a pivotal moment. 

Adding to the speculation, Kate has not been seen in public since her announcement video. The Princess is supposedly focusing on her recovery, but since the Royals have been incredibly evasive when asked about her health, her vanishing has only become more mysterious. Furthermore, rumors that Kate is spending time with her “birth family” instead of the Royals have raised some concerned eyebrows. Finally, there is gossip about Prince Williams’ possible affair, another sordid detail that could explain the schism between Kate and the Royals.

Given this complicated background, it is unsurprising that people have started noticing that William isn’t wearing a wedding ring. But before we jump to conclusions, rack your brain and answer me this – has he ever had a ring around his finger?

Did Prince William ever wear a wedding ring?

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Despite the swirling rumors and public curiosity, Prince William’s decision not to wear a wedding ring is rooted in personal preference and royal tradition. First of all, William’s aversion to jewelry is well-documented. He has never been one for wearing any form of jewelry, and this preference extends to his wedding ring. Plus, this choice is not unusual within the British royal family. Historically, many royal men have opted not to wear wedding rings, with Prince Harry being a rare exception. The reasoning is that since their marriages are highly publicized and well-known, the need for a ring is somewhat redundant.

From the outset of his marriage with Kate, it was clear that William would not be wearing a wedding ring. A spokesperson for St. James’ Palace announced before their union that William had chosen not to wear a ring, a decision that was respected and understood by both him and Kate. So, while we are all trying to find clues about what’s happening to Kate, Prince Williams not wearing his wedding ring doesn’t really add anything to the blurry picture.

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