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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s anniversary was on April 29, and the royal couple dropped a previously unseen wedding portrait on Instagram to celebrate—which they simply captioned “13 years ago today!”

But as a refresher, the couple traditionally posts on their anniversary…and often goes with current photos or videos. Example? This cute snap from 2023:

This year, though, their decision to dig into the archives was meaningful.

“It is interesting that they have apparently chosen not to release a current photo of themselves,” royal expert Christopher Andersen tells Us Weekly. “Perhaps, given the fact that the world knows what they’re going through at the moment, smiling for the cameras might seem forced.”

Kate is currently going through preventative chemotherapy amid her recent cancer diagnosis, and is taking time away from royal duties as a result—news that she announced in an emotional video on March 22.

When it comes to choosing this year’s anniversary pic, Andersen muses, “Publicly, William and Kate always make a point of releasing a photo or a video, and this year’s never-before-seen portrait of them on their wedding day has special meaning.”

He adds, “When they exchanged vows, William was wearing the red uniform of the Colonel-in-Chief of the Irish Guards. In the newly released black-and-white photo, William is wearing the blue uniform of the Blues and Royals—a nod and a wink to the fact that the Princess of Wales is now entitled to wear the red uniform, since King Charles recently took the rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards away from William and gave it to Kate.”


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