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A woman has been defended for refusing to change her wedding date despite it being close to when her sister was expecting to give birth.

In a recent post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” Reddit forum, a woman asked if she would be in the wrong if she didn’t postpone her wedding. She explained that her sister recently told her that she’s “due to give birth on the same day” as the Reddit user’s wedding. With that in mind, the bride-to-be’s sister asked if the nuptials could be moved.

“She wants me to postpone the wedding so she can attend, but I’ve been planning this for over a year and everything is set. I feel like it’s unfair to ask me to change everything at the last minute,” the woman wrote.

The future bride acknowledged that she didn’t know her sister was pregnant when setting the wedding date. The woman also claimed that while she understands that “childbirth is a big deal,” so is her wedding.

She then shared her family’s thoughts on the situation, before further detailing why she doesn’t want to change the wedding date.

“My parents are siding with [my sister], saying family should come first,” she continued. “But I don’t want to rearrange everything and risk losing deposits, not to mention the hassle of rescheduling vendors and guests.”

She then shared some of the ways that the two siblings could support each other on their big days, which the mother-to-be still wasn’t happy about.

“I offered to have a livestream so she could watch, and I’d visit her in the hospital right after the ceremony,” the future bride concluded. “She called me selfish and now there’s a big rift in the family. My fiancé is supporting me, but I can’t help but feel like a villain.”

The Reddit post has quickly gone viral, with more than 8,400 upvotes. In the comments, multiple people came to the bride-to-be’s defense, acknowledging how difficult it can be to postpone or change a wedding date.

“Everyone knows it’s impossible to change a wedding date. The other guests will have already made arrangements (getting time off work, organizing gardeners, babysitters, etc, booking hotel rooms that will now be more expensive to rebook, making hair appointments, buying clothing that’s appropriate for the season, and on and on),” one wrote. “You will have made expensive arrangements too. If you rearrange the date now, it’s likely that many guests will be unable to come and they will be angry.”

“Tell your family that you will happily reschedule everything if they pay for the costs of rescheduling and they help inform the guests as well,” another suggested. “After all, family is everything and if they want the family to attend the wedding, they should pay for it.”

Other people also pointed out that while the woman’s due date is the same as her sister’s wedding date, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby will be born on this day.

“Here’s the thing… her baby could be early,” one wrote. “Baby will come when ready and it’s unfair to you and fiancé to move all your plans. You could turn tables on her and family and say why was she so selfish in trying for a child when she knew the delivery date would possibly coincide with your wedding?”

“There is no guarantee the baby will come that day. I understand your sister being upset at the prospect that she may miss your wedding, but with all the time, money, effort and planning you’ve put into your wedding she is the selfish one asking you to postpone,” another agreed. “Keep your date, enjoy your wedding!”

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