Woman gets lost wedding ring back thanks to trick-or-treater finding it in their candy bag – WTVG

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX/Gray News) – A Texas woman has been reunited with her wedding ring after she lost it while handing out candy on Halloween night.

Misti Smith had been passing out candy for about an hour at her home when she noticed that her wedding ring was gone.

“We looked all around my porch, in the candy bucket. The only other explanation is when I was grabbing the candy, it may have slipped off into someone’s bag,” she said.

Smith said she always wears her ring because her husband is now in a long-term care facility. It is the last thing they were able to make and buy together before he got ill.

“It’s a piece of him that I can carry every day. A piece of my heart is gone when that ring is gone,” she said.

Smith shared a post online regarding the lost ring, and luckily a mother of one of the trick-or-treaters said they found it when her child was going through their bag.

The Temple resident said getting the ring back has meant everything to her.

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