WWE Superfan’s Wedding Becomes Ultimate WrestleMania Celebration with Bloodline Entrance – Ringside News

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Pro wrestling fans are known for their passion, and one recent wedding video is capturing attention for all the right reasons. A groom and his party decided to pay homage to Roman Reigns by entering the wedding venue to The Bloodline’s iconic entrance music.

Bruins Hogan, a dedicated fan, recently tied the knot, and he didn’t miss the chance to showcase his allegiance to The Bloodline. With Roman Reigns’ entrance music blaring, his wedding party made a grand entrance, complete with a WWE Championship and an Ula Fala draped around the groom’s neck.

Wedding guests were enthusiastically encouraged to cheer as the groom’s party struck The Bloodline’s iconic pose. To add to the spectacle, they even incorporated some pyrotechnics, making it a truly memorable and entertaining moment for everyone in attendance.

The Tribal Chief is clearly one of the most influential names in professional wrestling, so his inspiring a fan to have a wedding like this is nothing unexpected and perhaps we’ll see more of these in the future.



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