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WHAT is it about weddings that seems to bring out the worst in people?

Discussions about who is paying and outfits might be pretty normal, but one bride has been slammed after asking for gifts of money – for a wedding no one can attend.

The bride-to-be has shocked Facebook with her ridiculous demandsCredit: Getty
Despite her and her hubby eloping, the bride still expected to recieve gifts
Despite her and her hubby eloping, the bride still expected to recieve giftsCredit: Getty

If you are planning to elope, you might want to rethink your announcement after seeing the reaction this bride got on Facebook.

It is after a woman revealed that she planned to ‘secretly elope’ within the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming group, and asked for advice about how to break the news of her big day.

While there is nothing wrong with a small wedding, she revealed that she and her hubby-to-be were asking for cash gifts in their announcement cards (yes, you read that right).

Revealing that the couple were tying the knot on April 17, the card read: “You were in our hearts on this very special day, and we appreciate your continued love and support.

“We are very excited to explore this new chapter together as husband + wife.

“In light of our new chapter, we want to announce our excitement of buying a house!”

After posting a mock-up of the cards, she explained: “I wanted to add a QR code that’s linked to a registry or something where they can either buy a gift or give money to go towards the downpayment on our house and add a sentence or two explaining it.”

“How would you go about adding/asking?” she added.

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Needless to say, she has broken the internet with her ridiculous request.

Almost immediately after it was posted, the announcement card began to go viral as people responded in the group – with many calling it ‘tacky’.

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“So a bill? You’re basically sending a bill?” wrote one unimpressed member, with another adding: “If you’re eloping in secret, doesn’t that kinda forfeit the ability to get gifts?”

A third pointedly wrote: “Yeah the trade-off for a stress-free, low-cost elopement is no gifts.”

Even brides who were planning to elope couldn’t get on board with the wedding announcement and questioned why the bride-to-be would send this.

“My husband and I eloped (not in secret) and expected absolutely nothing from anyone,” a fourth revealed, adding: “I couldn’t imagine asking for gifts when you didn’t even invite anyone to the wedding.”

The wedding announcement requested donations towards the couple's new home
The wedding announcement requested donations towards the couple’s new homeCredit: Facebook
Many have questioned the bride-to-be's reasoning - especially after eloping
Many have questioned the bride-to-be’s reasoning – especially after elopingCredit: Getty

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a bridezilla has upset their loved ones before the big day.

One Redditor reccently revealed that they’d been given a ‘wedding contract’, demanding that they lose weight and wear a wig as a bridesmaid (yes, really).

As if that wasn’t infuriating enough, the woman was also asked to get her nails approved by the bride, fit into a size eight dress and forgo her prescription glasses ‘for the day’.


The bride also requested that each bridesmaid host an ‘event’ with food and drink, somewhere other than their homes.

With all these demands, it is a wonder that any wedding going ahead.

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