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YOUTUBE star Aspyn Ovard has been snapped without her wedding ring in hospital.

The lifestyle vlogger was spotted without the jewelry after filing for divorce from Parker Ferris.


The YouTube star was pictured in hospital without her wedding ringCredit: TikTok/aspynovard
Aspyn Ovard with her husband Parker Ferris, who is also a YouTuber


Aspyn Ovard with her husband Parker Ferris, who is also a YouTuberCredit: Instagram/ aspynovard

Ovard, 28, filed a petition to split from her husband days after giving birth to the couple’s third child.

She lodged the petition on Monday, according to court records exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun.

And in a clip that Ovard shared on Monday, Ferris could be seen by her bedside at hospital.

It’s not clear when she gave birth to her daughter, but the former cheerleader began sharing videos featuring her newborn on April 1.


Video footage from the hospital also shows Ovard without her wedding ring, including while eating her first meal after giving birth.

The U.S. Sun Online has contacted the YouTuber for comment.

It has emerged that she filed a petition to split from her husband weeks after they celebrated their latest pregnancy with a romantic holiday.

Ovard married Ferris in 2015.

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Relationship timeline for Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris

  • In 2014, Ovard told her YouTube followers that she was dating Parker Ferris
  • In 2015, the two announced they were engaged
  • Later that year, they got married
  • Ovard was 19 at the time and Ferris was 20
  • In 2019, the pair announced they were pregnant with their first child
  • They had their second child in 2021 and got pregnant for a third time in 2023
  • In March 2024, they had their baby girl
  • On April 1, 2024, Ovard filed for divorce

He is also a YouTuber, and has over 260,000 subscribers on his channel.

The two got engaged when she was 19 years old, after he proposed on a trip to Greece nine years ago.

Ferris mostly posts “dad” vlogs.

But the couple also share a joint channel which has more than two million subscribers, and has racked up 400 million views.


Ovard has about 3.3 million subscribers, whom she provides with updates on her time as a mom.

Filings in court show instructions on how the couple should act throughout the process.

But the documents do not as yet include a response from Ferris.

Ovard’s lighthearted posts announcing the birth – the baby’s appearance was “super early” – attracted many positive comments.

“Sweet baby was ready to be born i guess,” Ovard wrote in one video caption – prior to giving birth.


She confirmed on Tuesday that their daughter was born prematurely, but she was doing well and recovering in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Ovard received a deluge of support in response to her baby updates.

“Just got our baby home from the NICU and he came at 33 weeks and was there for 31 days. NICU nurses are actual angels. You got this,” wrote one fellow mom.

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Ovard also shared a heartwarming video on TikTok of Ferris pointing and smiling at his wife’s stomach in a hospital room on Monday.

The parents have not as yet commented publicly on the divorce filing, and they have not responded to requests for comment from The U.S. Sun.

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