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Alright, I want to talk about a show that started a couple months ago, I think there’s seven or eight episodes that have been released and I. Have DVR at all of them, but I’ve never got around to watching them. And that is the valley. I know it comes on right after Vanderpump rules.

I’ve just been watching Vanderpump rules. And I said, I’ll get to the valley later on. So I started watching the valley this weekend. I only got through the first two episodes and you got to remember something. Because I never watched Vanderpump Rules, the only thing I know about Jax Taylor is what I read in the headlines, and I’m very well aware of who he was before watching The Valley.

I knew he was married to Brittany, I knew they had a two year old son named Cruz, and I had heard all the rumors that the guy is just, you know, been cheating on Brittany for years, admitted to cheating, they’ve stayed together, I know their situation now. Where they’re currently separated, but I’d never actually seen him on TV outside of the couple episodes this season of Vanderpump rules that he appeared on.

I got to say this, Jack’s Taylor might be one of the most unlikable people that I’ve ever seen on reality television. And I don’t say that lightly. He’s just not likable. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He clearly has run around on Britney. I mean, if you listen to the rumors numerous times and he might be embroiled in a bigger one going on right now, if you’re to believe the rumors that are happening now, but just watching him on TV, he acts like a child.

I’m not the least bit surprised that her and him and Brittany aren’t together anymore, at least for the time being. And I want, you know, the reason, one of the reasons I wanted to watch starting, starting to watch the valley was because. I did read that basically we’re going to see during this season of the valley, the deterioration of Jackson, Brittany’s relationship, why they got to the point that they’re at.

And you can already see it in the first two episodes. Remember, I’ve only seen the first two episodes, so I’m sure you’re going to, you’re going to be like Steve, just wait, he’s doing more stupid shit later on in these episodes. And I don’t doubt it for a second. It’s just hilarious to me. That in the first episode, he’s talking about the new me, the new Jacks.

I’m living in the Valley. I’m a father with a kid. When it’s clear as day, this guy doesn’t want to have that role. And maybe I’m going to find out a little bit more and the finances and struggling and opening up your own restaurant. But it just seems like he’s never changed. And of the episodes from Vanderpump rules this season, where Katie has talked about him and Lala has talked about him where they’ve basically just said, yeah, I still think he’s running around on Brittany and you know, you, you hate.

And obviously there’s a child involved and I get it. And that’s probably one of the reasons. Why Brittany has gone back to him and not wanted to end things. I know they’re currently separated now, but who knows, you know, maybe Jack’s going to do a one 80 or at least for the television cameras, do a one 80 to try and win his family back.

But I don’t trust this guy, especially if the rumor going around right now is true, because that is probably the worst regardless, just watching this guy on TV, it is unreal how hot shit he thinks he is. And I don’t get it like what? And then the second question I have, which I don’t think any of, I’m sure that I’m just late to the party.

Cause I started watching the, the season. I’m sure everybody has this question. That’s watching the show. Why does Jax care so much about what Kristen does with her body? Yes. I know they have a history. I know they’ve been friends for 15 years and yes, Kristen has gone through a lot of guys and dated a lot of guys, whatever.

But these first two episodes are Jack’s just non stop talking about Kristen and why he doesn’t think that she should have a kid. I guess, I mean look, he’s allowed to have an opinion about Kristen. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have an opinion about your friend. But his whole thing is, well that’s what friends do.

I’m one that speaks up. I’m one that tells it like it is. I’m real with you. I just don’t think something along those lines where it’s talking about what she wants to do with her body and having a child. That’s something that you can maybe talk to Brittany about. I don’t think you need to call Kristen out on the carpet at somebody’s backyard party.

What are you doing? He’s just a, he’s just an asshole. Yeah, I just, there’s no other way to describe him. He is so unlikable and yes, I’ve heard all the stories about him over the years and seen the headlines and, and know that he has admitted to cheating on Brittany and she still has not left him up until now.

And she’s just waiting for him to change. And I, I, I don’t think he’s going to. And if I, and if he does, I think it’s strictly for the cameras and strictly for a storyline for the Valley to get his like redemption arc. But do I honestly think this guy is going to stop running around? No, he’s filming a TV show and he’s still running around on his wife.

What else more do you need? He ain’t stopping. As for some of the other couples. I know I’m only two episodes in, but before I knew I was going to watch the valley, I’ve seen stuff online about one of the other couples that are in trouble or separating. I have to believe that’s Jesse and Michelle, right?

Like there’s no way it’s not them. I mean, they’re literally setting it up in the first two episodes that she is. Not happy with him. And again, another guy that has such a high opinion of himself. I mean, I guess that’s what this show is. You got to have somebody, a bunch of alpha males, and you got to have a bunch of guys that think they’re hot shit.

I mean, shit, that’s what Vanderpump rule is rules is all those guys think they’re God’s gift to women. And this Jesse guy. Same thing. Like, does he even like his wife? It’s just Man, oh man. So I’m guessing that’s the couple that is either divorcing or has divorced or in real time is currently separated again.

Cause I thought I read something somewhere where another Valley couple is currently not together. I can’t imagine that it’s Jason and Janet since In real time, they, they’d have like a, a few month old child. And then the other, the other couple, the Nia and what’s his name? I’m forgetting his name, but he’s the one that was on iCarly and whatever.

The, the, they have three kids, right? They just had twins. Yeah, I’m get, or is it no, Jesse doesn’t. Jesse and Michelle only have one. Nia and her husband. I don’t think that they’re the ones that it’s gotta be Jesse and Michelle. And not the least bit surprising watching the first two episodes, but yet again, I’m sucked in I’ll be watching now.

I’m not going to watch Vanderpump and the Valley every Tuesday night. I’ll probably watch Vanderpump first, either Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoons, and then maybe get around to the Valley on the weekend. So I’ll always be behind, but hopefully sometime this week, I’ll get caught up and watch six episodes of the Valley.

Cause I think after this Tuesday’s episode, there will be six that I haven’t gotten to. And finally. did a live, he did some sort of event where he was interviewed live on stage. People were asking questions this past weekend in LA, and he basically said on the spot. Even though seasons 47 and 48 are filming soon, and then 40 in 2024, seasons 49 and 50 will sir, will film in 2025, but 50 won’t air until summer or excuse me until spring of 2026.

So they still have three more seasons before they get to 50, but. Jeff probes confirmed that survivor season 50 is going to be all returnees, which we haven’t seen since season 40. Now, is it going to be all returnees from season 41 through 50? Is it going to be mostly for 41 through 50 and then throw a couple legends in there?

He doesn’t know that, but he did admit. Season 50 will be all returnees. My guess is they should probably just do 41 to 50 and you’re going to get people like who was the one last season that everybody loved with the Carolyn. Was that her name? I mean, there’s so many, there’s definitely a group from these last nine seasons where you can get 18 memorable returnees, so.

I fully expect that, but yeah, good to hear if probes confirmed it, that it’s definitely happening for season 50, even though season 50 is not airing till spring of 2026. Anyway. Thank you all for listening. Really appreciate it. Follow me on Apple podcasts also rate in review, but you got to hit play. It’s the only way it counts as a download.

Also you can go to the website, reality, steve. com as a download. Today’s podcast will be transcribed as well on there. Thank you all for listening. Appreciate it. Sports daily. We’ll be up in an hour from now and I will talk to you

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